Because they’re worth it: caring for your swimwear

When you’ve spent £40, £50, £60+ on swimwear, you don’t want it to fall apart after a couple of months. To get the most out of your costume, follow our easy guide to caring for your delicious new purchase…

1: Make sure it’s in the right size.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but do make sure your swimwear fits as perfectly as your underwear. Badly fitting bras deteriorate faster because they end up taking weight and strain in the wrong places. It’s important to get fitted regularly anyway: why not use swimwear shopping as an excuse to squeeze in a proper fit?

2: Always rinse your costume

After swimming, even if you’re not planning a full wash or even to take it off, try to rinse your costume as soon as possible. Chlorine especially, and salt water, degrade the fabric and can ruin the shape and elasticity of your costume: rinsing will help minimise that damage while you’re out. It won’t remove all of the chlorine and salt though, so do remember to wash with gentle soap when you get home.

3: Hand wash only…

Mechanical washing is tough enough on clothes, but on something as structural as a bra it’s brutal.  Hand washing is the best way to protect your bikinis – and your bras – from damage.  No time to hand wash? B4J’s top tip is to take them in the bath and wash them with gentle shampoo while you soak, or take them in the shower and gently lather them while your conditioner is setting. If you absolutely have to machine wash them, make sure you protect them in a laundry bag or – better – in something like this Bra Ball. If an underwire goes rogue mid-cycle it could be more than a balconette you’re replacing…

4: Let it dry

To help protect the fabric from degrading and to keep its shape, remember to let your costume air dry naturally. The heat of tumble drying will damage the fabric, and just like a washing machine of the drum can destroy the shape and structure of the cups.

5: Love it!

The best way to get value from your swimwear is to truly love it, and truly love being in it. Seize every opportunity for fun and play, and enjoy the confidence truly supportive activewear can give you. We’ll see you in the sea…

Happy summer! x

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