Summer Dreams: a first look at the best of Spring swimwear

Spring 12 Swimwear

It’s January 18th, there’s frost on the ground, and I’m wearing Uniqlo thermals under every inch of clothing… it’s not the most obvious time to be scouring pictures of nearly-nude women for outfit inspiration. But I have a deadline. In a month, I’m going to be (drenched in factor 50 suncream, complaining about freckles and heatstroke) on a beautiful beach in Thailand – so it’s time to dive in and warm up with a look at the hottest swimwear picks for Spring 2012…

Last year was undeniably outstanding for swimwear, with (what felt like) an infinite stream of styles, prints and colours bombarding us from every direction. And 2012 already looks like it’s going to be similarly bountiful – although I am disappointed not to see a great expansion in ranges beyond a G/GG cup as yet. H cups and beyond, I can only recommend getting in early if you see a style you like. Competition for those sorely under-served sizes is always fierce.

Hold on to your hats. It’s going to be quite a season…

First things first: Lucille is back – and she’s blue. Panache’s gorgeous nautical inspired range and star of 2011 returns with an even more nautical twist, available up to a G cup from 20th February – sadly (so sadly) too late to accompany me on my Asian adventure. A total classic though – well worth walking the plank for. Ahoy!

Lucille Panache Bikini

Curvy Kate’s long awaiting first swimwear collection launches this year, diving straight in all the way up to a K cup from the off. Hurrah! Cute, colourful with a classically Curvy Kate twist (hello ruffles!) – the three styles are a great alternative for those sizes pushed in to the black and bland territory by their cup size. Look forward to trying these out for size this year.

Curvy Kate Bikini

Also coming to the rescue of the much neglected H+ cups is Bravissimo, with this fruity number available now and all the way up to the K cup. The catch? It’s called the Copacabana. Good luck trying to get that song out of your head now…

Copacabana Bikini Bravissimo

This super cute Gingham Girl bikini – especially when paired with these cheeky, 50s inspired high waisted knickers – by Miss Mandalay. They’re not in store yet but they are due to be sold in Bravissimo this year. WANT. The only trouble is, I can’t seem to pin down sizing information – will they be reserved for our small cupped sisters, or will they boldly follow last year’s beautiful Harbour bikini in to the echelons of the HHs? Anyone?

Miss Mandalay Gingham Girl Bikini

Still with me? Hurrah! I have a lot of love for Figleaves‘ own Midnight Grace range, and this year they’ve come back with even more cute prints. Sadly we’re back in to G-only territory cup-wise, but I love the pin-up style of these halter bikinis and swimsuits. Super cute. More sizes please Figleaves!

Midnight Grace Bikinis by Figleaves

And last but absolutely not least, Freya‘s new lines come in a huge range of prints – festively all named after dances to get you in to the summer spirit. I have to say my favourite is the (gingham, again) Lindy Hop (below left, to a GG), but it isn’t released until April. Boo. Still, until then there’s the lovely Swing Lagoon (middle), and the super-bright Calypso, which sees Freya swim paddling in bigger cups, but only for 32-38 backs. Also look out for the Charleston, which seems to be the endlessly popular Pier but with bows. Cute!

Freya Swimwear

I need a lie down. What’s your favourite?

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7 Responses to Summer Dreams: a first look at the best of Spring swimwear

  1. June says:

    Ok, the Gingham Girl bathing suit is gorgeous!!! Do you know if Miss Mandalay has wide or narrow cups?

    • I know! Crazily good. Not sure about wide or narrow, but in lingerie Miss Mandalay tends to come up about half a cup small. I’m wondering if you get a bit more space with swimsuit material though? Am absolutely desperate to try it and find out! x

      • June says:

        Oh, good to know! I’d probably want to order my usual size then because normally the cups stretch a bit once I get into the water. It’s so pretty… wow, and I love that it has high-waisted bottoms too!

  2. ptasia says:

    Um, I remember that the Miss Mandalay red gingham had already been at Bravissimo… maybe 2 years ago? There are some bikini tops on eBay atm (as “Miss Mandalay red check bikini”). It used to be on Asos too Weird that they’d relaunch it. Anyway, I like the gingham Freya the best 🙂

    • It’s definitely in their SP12 folder on Facebook, but if that’s the case I’m super happy for a relaunch! I liked the gingham Freya but I have to say I think those big knickers really give the Miss Mandalay an edge! x

  3. Note: Both Curvy Kate’s Bondi (the black and pink style on the left) and Bravissimo’s Copacabana are available in a tankini up to a K cup!

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