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Panache team up with CoppaFeel!

Lingerie legends Panache have teamed up with boob superstars at team CoppaFeel! to help more women get to grips with their own, very precious chesticles. Reworking their extremely popular new sports bra in to CoppaFeel!’s signature hot pink, Panache have … Continue reading

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If you do one thing this breast cancer awareness month…

…check your boobs. Check them now. Literally – stop what you’re doing and get your hand in your bra. Better still, get your bra off and do it properly. I’m typing one handed right now while I do mine – … Continue reading

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How to… check your boobs for breast cancer

Regularly checking your boobs is easy, and getting to know your body now could be your best weapon against breast cancer later. You could be in the shower, waiting for the kettle, or just languishing on hold to the bank; … Continue reading

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Name your boobs!

Can’t remember to check your boobs? As part of their Hello Boobs campaign, CoppaFeel are offering to text you monthly reminders so you never again forget to grab a hold of those beautiful bosoms in the fight against breast cancer. … Continue reading

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Regular readers will know just how big a fan of breast cancer detection charity CoppaFeel I am: not only is their mission vitally important and already saving lives, but they’re thoroughly lovely girls to boot. Since I had the pleasure … Continue reading

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Boobs out in force for National Cleavage Day

Very brilliant boob health champions CoppaFeel! stormed London today to remind us to all to get a good feel of our boobies and help defend ourselves against late detection of breast cancer. The BoobTube was out in force on the … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s easy to forget, but the very appendages we celebrate in our lingerie e-bubble still exclude people from working, voting and education elsewhere in the world. Even in the UK, women are still under-represented at the top level of business, … Continue reading

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