Coppa Feel Hello BoobsRegular readers will know just how big a fan of breast cancer detection charity CoppaFeel I am: not only is their mission vitally important and already saving lives, but they’re thoroughly lovely girls to boot. Since I had the pleasure of wearing an enormous boob for them through London’s China Town one cold morning last year, they’ve taken on two celebrity patrons, hi-jacked the tube, biked for boobies and even hosted their own FestiFeel, all in their quest to get us checking our breasts on a regular basis.

This poster is the latest in a string of cheeky and innovative campaigns from the charity. The brand new ‘Hello Boobs’ billboards, based on the legendary Wonderbra poster featuring Eva Herzigova’s traffic-stopping cleavage, reminds us that ‘knowing your boobs could save your life’. And it’s true: breast cancer knows no age limit, so getting familiar with your boobs as soon as possible means that if anything does start to change, you know to speak up and get something done about it. Early detection is your best defence in the battle against breast cancer, so get coppin’ now and you could save yourself later.

What are you waiting for? Say hello to your breasts today!

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1 Response to HELLO BOOBS!

  1. I love CoppaFeel – they’re such a fabulous organization.

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