How to… check your boobs for breast cancer

CoppaFeel: signs to look out for

Regularly checking your boobs is easy, and getting to know your body now could be your best weapon against breast cancer later. You could be in the shower, waiting for the kettle, or just languishing on hold to the bank; but every spare few minutes is a perfect opportunity for a cheeky feel that could one day even save your life.

There are a few techniques out there for self-examination, but I prefer to dive in hands first and explore without a road map. Take time to notice how everything (including the armpit) feels at different times of your cycle, and be aware of any changes or anything that you don’t recognise. Massive thanks to the total legends at breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel for this clear and simple how-to guide, designed to help you recognise some of the key warning signs to look out for while you’ve got your hands full…

remember, if you think something’s  wrong, go to the doctor and don’t take ‘nothing to worry about’ for an answer. Breast cancer affects women of all ages. Make sure that you know your own body well enough to know when something’s wrong and demand a referral.

And to help you get in to good habits, CoppaFeel will even text you each month to remind you to check your boobs (they’ll even call them by name, if they have them…), so you never forget to give your assets the regular fondling they deserve. Check out the CoppaFeel website for even more information, or find out how you too could get involved with spreading the life-saving CoppaFeel message in your area…

‘Knowing your boobs could save your life’. Happy copping!

CoppaFeel Breast Cancer Awareness Flier

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