Name your boobs!

Coppa Feel Hello BoobsCan’t remember to check your boobs? As part of their Hello Boobs campaign, CoppaFeel are offering to text you monthly reminders so you never again forget to grab a hold of those beautiful bosoms in the fight against breast cancer.

These reminders will be personalised to you, specifically to your individually named breasts. Now, I for one have never thought about naming my boobs before. And though it might sound strange, self-examination is all about getting to know your boobs. What better ice-breaker than to learn a name?

You can find out how to check for breast cancer on the CoppaFeel website. And all you have to do to get these reminders is text BOOBS followed by [NAME & NAME] to 70300. I’m off to christen mine now: I’m debating between the obvious G & Unit, or wildcard Thor & Titan.

What will you name yours?

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