Less than thrilled: my adventures with Curvy Kate’s Showgirl continue…


My adventures with Curvy Kate’s hugely popular Showgirl range continue with Thrill Me. Is it as tempting as Tempt Me?

Er, no. This doesn’t happen very often, but I just don’t really like this bra at all. In terms of fit it’s fine, although it is HUGE in the back so size down there and size up in the cup. I can find balconette styles tricky (a bony and slightly flared rib cage can be a nightmare in this style), and in spite of that it seems comfortable enough. But could I see myself choosing this over my other bras, ever? I doubt it.

I’m all for frivolity, but Thrill Me goes beyond thrilling and verges on the hysterical. It feels like a bra trying way too hard. There’s so much going on – satin shine, ribbon, ruffles, bows, spidery lace – all of which render this bra utterly useless for me to wear under clothes. And that’s before you consider the cleavage. I like making an impact once in a while, but my boobs haven’t looked so huge – or broad – since rescuing them from E-cups. Sure, the cleavage is effective if you need to stop traffic – but it’s so distracting that I feel reduced to a pair of tits on legs. Not the best feeling.

There’s been a lot of love for Thrill Me in the past, but it just leaves me cold. Interestingly enough it has not made a reappearance in 2012 either, although Tease Me (below) is remarkable similar (fussy, frilly, though marginally less shiny), and supposedly with similar sizing idiosyncrasies. I’ll have to try that to see if Curvy Kate can convert me to their hardcore Showgirl fanclub yet…

Thrill Me is still available from outlets like Brastop in a variety of sizes.

Curvy Kate Tease Me

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5 Responses to Less than thrilled: my adventures with Curvy Kate’s Showgirl continue…

  1. denocte says:

    The Thrill me is a really weird style, in smaller sizes too. I need shallow cups, really, but not this shallow! It makes me look extremely flat and just pushes the boobs up…

    But the Tease me is a lot different! It’s deeper in the cup and seems better constructed to me.

  2. Vampie says:

    I have similar feeling about those bras. I tried them on in a shop and the band was wayyy to elastic. I don’t know if it’s actually longer than it should but it’s definitely too elastic. Also, the cups didn’t fit and appeared to flatten my breasts weirdly, but I have problems with fitting into balconettes anyway.

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