Tango plunging: Panache’s classic style in yellow reviewed

Panache Tango Plunge Yellow

Panache’s classic Tango plunge will be twelve this year, and as the very first ‘properly fitted’ bra I ever owned it’s a style that will always hold a place in my heart-shaped lingerie drawer.

I’ve written previously about the style in black (a bra I’ve bought repeatedly), but never any of the seasonal colours. Yellow is my absolute jam this year though, so I could resist branching out and adding another to my collection.

Except… in yellow, the exclusive-to-Bravissimo Tango plunge isn’t what I’ve come to expect from the style. In my usual 30G the back band seemed up to one size looser, the cups seemed up to half a cup bigger, and the ever-so-comfortable low plunge poked in to my ribs at the front.

Wanting to give the benefit of the doubt to a style I’ve loved and depended on for over five years, I tried my black one on to see if my body had changed and caused the discrepancy. But no – all was as it should be. Whether it was a size mislabelling or an adjustment to the size in the exclusive range, the yellow Tango plunge just wasn’t working for me. A real pity. And my yellow cravings remain unsated…

Panache’s Tango plunge in yellow is available in sizes 28-38 DD-H.

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4 Responses to Tango plunging: Panache’s classic style in yellow reviewed

  1. Frances says:

    Your readers might like to know that we have been written up as having pretty lingerie styles that accommodate fuller bust sizes!

  2. Kath says:

    Hmm that’s odd isn’t it. We often find that bras that are printed come up smaller in the back and the cup but this isn’t printed and that’s not the issue you seem to have had. have you contacted Panache with regards to this? It would be interesting to know if they’ve changed the fit on the Tango II plunge, this does sometimes happen.

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