All new royalty: Curvy Kate’s new Princess reviewed

Curvy Kate Princess Orchid

Not long after writing this review of Curvy Kate’s Princess bra did team CK reach out to me to let me know that the fitting nuances I’d noted in my review – namely that it ran slightly small – would be resolved in the new season Princess style. Quite a promise from a brand who does typically run slightly large: but is it true?

Interestingly enough, it is. Although the band could be a little bit firmer, the wide three-hooked support gives good support while the cup fits much ‘truer’ to size than previously. The underwire tracks perfectly, and though pastel purple isn’t usually my cup of tea I have to say this is my favourite Curvy Kate bra to date.

It’s not just the fit. The style is slightly different too: the cups seem closer together in the center – much more comfortable for a close set girl like me – and it doesn’t have the same outwards east-west pointing as it did before.

In many ways, Princess seems to have been engineered precisely to my tastes. It suits my figure better, it’s infinitely more comfortable on my ribs, and gives my favourite rounded everyday shape. Good news for me – although I wonder what old die hard fans of the style will make of it. Have any of my Curvy Kate loving readers tried it yet?

Curvy Kate’s new orchid purple Princess is available in an extended range of sizes from 28-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G.



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6 Responses to All new royalty: Curvy Kate’s new Princess reviewed

  1. I love it when brands listen to customer feedback and get back in touch– sounds like it’s for the better!

    • Me too! Although I am aware that the shift in the center may exclude former fans – Curvy Kate have always been a go-to for wider-set breasted girls. I’d love to know if any girls were desperate for the old style back!

  2. Andi Sharpe says:

    It’s great they took note of your suggestions, however, I must say that I prefer the old style! :-/

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