Wizz Pop: Mimi Holliday’s firecracker reviewed

Wizz Pop by Mimi Holliday

Oh Mimi. I’ve been hankering after the perfect neon bra all ‘summer’, and following the disappointment of Bravissimo’s Alana [review here – wrong shape for me; loads of women love it though] I thought it was never meant to be…

Until I found Wizz Pop. Mimi Holliday‘s neon treat is a little expensive, true – but to me so worth it. And not to sound crazy, but I have a newly bought leopard print maxi dress [here from Whistles – trust me: stick a belt on her, looks awesome on curves] and Wizz Pop is the perfect bra to peep out of the side of her when the sun finally does come out…

Okay, so I do sound crazy. But Wizz Pop is more than a pretty face. The construction is extremely high quality, and the fabric and detail are silky soft. I love the contrast between the pink and the yellow day-glo (I’m an eighties child…), and the silky straps are a luxurious change from the standard ribbing of my average day bras.

I found the 30G to be true to size in the cup, although a little generous in the back. I could probably have managed a 28GG [to get a little extra life from it in the long term], but even so she was extremely comfortable and supportive all day long.

Wizz Pop by Mimi Holliday is available from a range of higher-end stockists in sizes 28D-36GG, and selling out fast… Catch her while you can.

******** EDIT *********

However much I loved (and still love, oh my broken heart…) Wizz Pop I feel it is my duty to add that after a few wears I discovered a fatal flaw. She is dry clean only.

I barely have time to buy milk, let alone do dry cleaning runs for my smalls. A dry clean only bra may just about be one of the most impractical and frustrating things I’ve ever heard of.

Not as frustrating, however, as realising it was dry clean only… after carefully handwashing it. It is totally, irreparably ruined.

There’s a moral in here somewhere…




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12 Responses to Wizz Pop: Mimi Holliday’s firecracker reviewed

  1. Estelle says:

    Wow surprised it got ruined. Unless things are made from leather or suede, I always carefully handwash anything that says dry clean only and I’ve never had any problems. Shame, as that set is beautiful 😦 Who can afford to dry clean their lingerie anyway?

    • Exactly – I can only imagine the entire batch of these will end up destroyed and abandoned by disappointed women the world over! It’s the silk straps – they can’t hold their dye and the pink bled everywhere. I actually noticed quickly and was able to rinse out the worst of it, but the real problem is where the pink silk is sitting directly beneath the yellow. There’s no way of separating whatsoever – so it’s now a grubby orange. Sigh.

  2. Mish says:

    I’m guessing that means the knickers are dry clean only too!! Yuk/weird!

  3. Vampie says:

    A dry-clean only lingerie?! That’s absurd.

  4. Lynn says:

    Did you use hot or cold water? I’ve been dying to buy this set for ages and am so disappointed to hear your review- I’m wondering if there’s any possible way to wash it without it running as I don’t fancy the idea of dropping a thong to the dry-cleaners! (shudder!)
    Such an expensive set too, should really be better constructed

    • Cool water, and a teeny amount of delicates soap. There really is no way of washing it without the colours running (unless I suppose you use a well squeezed cotton bud?) because the bottom half of the cup is made from the fabric that bleeds. As soon as it gets wet, your bra is a dingy neon orange over the top… So frustrating!

      • Lynn says:

        Wow, I had seen this on sale online recently and decided to check it out, I received it yesterday just after your reply. It is so beautiful so I tried to see would any of the old colour-run tricks work. I dipped the strap into a small bowl of cold water with lots of salt- there wasn’t too much run in the water so I got hopeful, until I blotted the strap on a cloth and saw all the pink transfer 😦 Definitely not possible to handwash this bra!
        I was trying to convince myself to keep it anyway and concede to the occasional dry clean but honestly, even if I were to dry clean, I feel like any kind of inevitable light moisture (perspiration/getting caught in rain shower/splashing yourself while washing dishes etc etc) would cause small colour runs that would destroy this bra. What would be the point of having such a costly bra that you’d be terrified to wear!
        Such a shame as it AMAZINGLY beautiful- but back it must go. Mimi- sort it out, make the same bra with a colour-fast silk!! 😦
        Thanks for your review though, I never dry clean anything and have never had a problem before, I would definitely have destroyed mine also had I not been warned by you. Makes me wonder why there don’t seem to be more reviews of it online anywhere- maybe people aren’t even bothering to buy this dry-clean only bra!

      • Full marks for trying to brave it but I think you made the right decision! I am sure there must be tonnes of people who made the same mistake as I did and totalled their bra after just a few wears. Such a fail on Mimi Holliday’s part – would be really interested to hear more on customers’ reactions and whether they’ll improve for future seasons. Unless we’re wrong and there are legions of women who dry clean their bras?!!

      • Lynn says:

        Maybe! But I doubt it- it’s the knicker/thong that really befuddle me though, I’d die of embarrassment dropping those to dry cleaner!!!
        I did notice on the tags on the bra where the care instructions are, mine had the ‘dry clean only’ on a tiny sticker, which I peeled back to see the usual ‘hand wash’ instructions underneath. Made me wonder if the company only realised post-production that there was an issue with the dyes and rushed to make do with it- most Mimi bras are handwash so this seems like an accidental anomaly!
        I would love to see this bra re-issued with colourfast fabrics- I have a few Mimi bras which wash beautifully and they are worth the investment- just not Wizz Pop sadly 😦 Even packing her back in the box was painful, it really is an amazing bra!

  5. Sammi says:

    Wow this truly is the perfect summer underwear set – I love it! Neon is such a flattering shade on sun kissed skin too. I want it 🙂

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