Busts 4 Justice is back… and married!

Busts 4 Justice gets hitched!

Busts 4 Justice has been quiet/absent this summer – but for a very good reason: I got married!

Two and a half weeks ago on a boat in Amsterdam, this Ms became, well, still a Ms actually – but with extra metalware and 100 of our favourite people to cheer us on. I’m still giddy.

In the end the bride wore Freya’s mighty Deco multiway, stitched in to Burberry (Brit, not bridal…). It’s a fantastic bra – even with the additional weight of some fairly heavy sequins it stayed well in place, was unfailingly comfortable and gave me a cracking cleavage no matter which way I threw myself on the dance floor (and believe me, that was every which way).

I’m now catching up on a fairly massive pile of Help Me Busts 4 Justice letters  – and looking forward to a busy Autumn. Shout via the contact form, Facebook or Twitter if you have any requests or questions. It’s good to be back!

Love, Busts 4 Justice xx

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22 Responses to Busts 4 Justice is back… and married!

  1. englandia says:

    You look unbelievable!!! So gorgeous!

  2. Sweets says:

    What a beautiful look! Everyone looks so joyous– congratulations to you both!

  3. Both you and your husband look so happy! What a wonderful picture. Huge congratulations Becky xx

  4. nk161 says:

    Congratulations. You both look very happy

  5. Darlene says:

    Congratulations! Will you be offering a tutorial on how to stitch a Deco into a wedding dress? And MORE wedding pics? This gorgeous picture here is a giant teaser. I want more!

    • Thank you! I confess I didn’t stitch it in myself and judging by the state of my homemade bunting I certainly shouldn’t advise anyone on how to do it! I’ll see if my seamstress is up for writing a guest post, because she was a genius [she actually closed the front of the dress a bit because it was so low you could see straight down to my naval]. More pictures coming soon 🙂 x

  6. Cora says:

    Congratulations!!! I love your wedding dress. 🙂

  7. ArgieBargie says:

    Congrats!! A lovely wedding party all around.

  8. elizabeth gray says:

    Congratulations! You look absolutely gorgeous.

  9. SL says:

    Your dress is STUNNING. Absolutely perfect. I would love to see more pictures of it!

  10. Missy M. says:

    My goodness, that dress is stunning! Congratulations!

  11. Ellebelle says:

    You two look wonderful! Veel geluk samen! xx

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