Decoliscious : the new Freya Ashlee in sorbet

FREYA LINGERIE ASHLEE SORBETWinter is over. Or at least, the bleak, cold months without getting my hands on any new lingerie are. Freya’s newest Deco inspired molded plunge bra – the Ashlee in sorbet – landed on my desk this morning, and its coconut ice pink (more vivid in real life) is the perfect antidote to a month of sub-zero temperatures and thermal undercrackers.

I’m a big Deco fan, not least because I live in Amsterdam and the way it lifts the boobs is fantastic for defending G-Unit from the anything a bumpy bicycle ride can throw at them (see this post for more on protecting your delicate bits from your two-wheeled adventuring). And Ashlee fits very similarly to other twists of the Deco – it’s certainly comparable to the Taylor. It fits beautifully in the cup and and the deep plunge gives a great shape, though as with the Taylor some women – especially inbetweenies – may prefer to size down in the back and size up in the cup to get the most wear out of their style.

With that in mind, it is disappointing that once again this style is not available in a GG for 28 backs, but I believe the much coveted bigger cupped Decos could be in the pipeline so perhaps there’s good news for GG+ sizes to come. In the meantime it comes in the standard Deco sizing – 28D-F, 30D-GG, 32-36 B-GG, and 38 B-G – and with the option to partner it with some cracking high waisted pants too… Yum.

What style is brightening up your February?

Freya Lingerie Ashlee Sorbet

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12 Responses to Decoliscious : the new Freya Ashlee in sorbet

  1. June says:

    Wait… so Decos are going to be offered in 28 back in the GG+ range, do you know up to what cup size?

  2. Karen says:

    I love love LOVE this bra. We got it in our store recently and it is so dang cute I can’t stand it. I own almost nothing in pink but I would consider getting the Ashlee.

  3. Gorgeous set. I just wished it came in my size. Is there a reason why there are no molded cup bras past a J cup?

  4. Eeeee so pretty. I’m sized out of high street stores so I’m glad I’m not sized out of this bra, even though I can’t actually afford it and don’t live in a country where it’ll be sold xD

    I am sorry for you ladies who are sized out of it though 😦 I hope they come to their senses and sell beautiful bras for everyone all the time.

  5. Boosauraus says:

    So pretty! Standard Deco sizing goes to a 28G, though – does this one only go to a 28F, limiting the line even further? 😦

    I eagerly await news of the Deco line being offered in a GG+ cup! I hope it actually happens… I feel very sized-out when all the bands but 28 go to GG, but 28 stops at G :/

    • This goes to 28G – just not GG (I think the half molded cup is much more limited and only does an F – but it’s not as pretty as the plunge). So want those GG+ sizes though!

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