I love Brastop!

Remember my recent Freya Jolie heartbreak? Mid-mope, my fears were confirmed by a Freya spokesperson, who said:

“As far as I am aware we aren’t bringing Jolie back in any new colours.  We would strongly recommend you try the Gem range from Freya coming soon.  This lace collection, is a fresh (Jolie like collection) which looks gorgeous on the body and comes in a gorgeous shade of China blue and black.  Gem offers the perfect amount of feminine yet seductive style.”

Despair! Well, thank bra heavens for the treasure trove that is Brastop.com: because thanks to their catalogue of out-of-season treats I found and am now the proud owner of a brand new replacement pink Jolie to tide me over until something else (perhaps Gem, perhaps something else) comes to steal my heart.

It’s mostly old, out-of-season stuff so you can’t guarantee it’ll have everything in your size, but the helpful size search function will mean you’re not trawling through mountains of irrelevant options only to find yourself disappointed. Everything is at a discount – sometimes substantially – so it’s a great place to grab a bargain, especially if you’re hunting to replace a loved bra now discontinued. And to top it all off, they deliver worldwide – so it’s perfect for all stranded in neglected corners of the bra world to find reasonably priced D+ swimwear and lingerie.

Hurrah for Brastop! 

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3 Responses to I love Brastop!

  1. Englandia says:

    I am going to have to explore brastop more! 🙂

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