HOTMilk Luminous maternity bra: guest review by Kaela

HOTMilk Luminous Maternity Bra

So after a few weeks of being pinched and poked by my normal bras I finally gave in and did some shopping.  Like any other hot topic, there are many different ideas of the best way to dive into these new found glory times of heaving bosoms; but like with many challenges, trial and error is the quickest way to learn what’s best for you.  And it never hurts to get an expert’s opinion first.  I contacted Pudding Lingerie and had an over the phone fitting with one of their service reps which was great.  She talked me through band size, cup size, what’s increased so far, what logical steps I could take to get a bra that would last me through more than a few weeks and most importantly, what I wanted out of a bra.  It was an educating conversation that left me feeling more confident on trying new styles and sizes.

Based on this conversation, my reading and logical deduction, it seemed
smartest to go with a nursing bra.  While I’m not nursing now I will be soon enough, so why not buy something that will be functional for more than just a trimester?  I had visions of something white, something lacy, something demure but sexy, dare I say ‘hot mom’-ish…?  On paper the HOTMilk Luminous for all intents fit the bill: it’s pretty in pictures, it has lace detail, it’s a nursing bra and, something new for me, there is no underwire which I figured would be my biggest challenge.

Do you remember that time, when you walked in on your grandmother/aging aunt/family friend at a pool party and caught them in just their skivvies getting changed?  And you were embarrassed and awed at the same time… but most of all just OVERWHELMED by the sheer size of their underwear?  In this bra I feel like the one wearing the big pants.  Surprisingly to me the lack of underwire was not an issue at all, the bra fits comfortably around my frame and supports well. But for someone with my chest size (36F), there is no definition in the cups – causing the breasts to be pushed together to make one long bump with a sweaty crease in the middle.  And the middle!  There is a pretty little bauble which, because of the lack of definition in the cups, sticks out further than anything else and makes a funny little bump in the front of my chest, even in a loose fitting top. I’ve worn the bra a few times to give it a chance and while I’ll put it aside for when nursing has become a reality, it’s not one I will choose to wear regularly.   I think for a smaller chested person this might be a great bra to work with, it’s just not for those with more than a handful.

What I want – what I need – is the same thing I expect from my husband; to feel supported, to feel pretty, to feel sexy during this alien invasion of my body.  He’s done a great job of it, this bra, while supportive, has missed the mark on other counts.

The hunt continues.

Thanks to Pudding Lingerie for helping Kaela out with the fitting, and the HOTMilk Luminous to review.

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4 Responses to HOTMilk Luminous maternity bra: guest review by Kaela

  1. says:

    Hi Kaela, Lisa here from Hotmilk. Thank you for the review, and congratulations on the pregnancy. I just wanted to say that I wonder if the bra you are in is too small. This bra has been in circulation for years with no complaints so I wonder if it’s more about sizing. If you want to chat more, email me on All the best, Lisa

    • Hey Lisa! I’m delighted to say that Kaela had a beautiful baby boy this weekend so she’s off grid, but I’ll pass on the message when she’s recovered 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Kaela. I bought a couple of M&S nursing bras when I was pregnant but also found them to be too bulky. Then I bought a bra from motherhood but again I had the same problem. In the end I read on mumsnet about amoralia and bought one of their bras. Which was actually really good! Here’s a link if anyone reading this is interested –

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