Airmail goodies reviewed: Freya Edith and Freya Trudie

It’s bra feast or famine here. After nearly two months of a severely restricted bra access and fiendishly expensive and limited local options, Lembrassa’s emergency bra airdrop arrived two days ago with the rest of my long lost wardrobe hot on its heels. So now I am in proud possession of the beautiful Trudie Ice and Edith Aqua sets, as well as the rest of my long loved lingerie too. I am replete. I also need significantly bigger drawers…

Historically I haven’t worn the plunge + lace styles, preferring simpler shapes like Freya Jolie or Panache Tango for my general day-to-day. But, as it gets increasingly hard to resist the very many beautiful versions available, I wanted to see if this was a practical enough style to make it in to my heavy rotation.

With so much lace, I’d always assumed they wouldn’t be as tough as my usual day bras; and that challenges like cycling or running down stairs would be too much for its delicate form. But, put to the test with the tough manual tedium of moving-in, both bras are doing extremely well. They’re extraordinarily comfortable whilst giving me an uplifted but natural shape, and they’re handling heavy lifting, stairs and even a quick run on Cecil without so much as a nip out of place. And more than that, switching between the two is really helping me speed through the boxes. It appears lacy lingerie can be hard-working too… Who knew?

One niggle: they are a tad generous in the back so, if you’re an inbetweeny like me (my chest is 29″), keep that in mind when ordering. Other than that, another two excellent hits for my spiralling Freya addiction. *sings* There was an old woman who lived in a bra…

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