Total Babe: new Freya reviewed

Freya Lingerie: Babes in the Wood
When I saw Freya‘s new Babes in the Wood bra, I knew I would love it. Their unpadded half-lace style is one of my favourites ever – I always know what fit I’m getting, it always suits me, and the prints always add a touch of flair to my everyday days. Freya’s Dionne is one of my current favourites and I fully expected Babes in the Wood to be the same.

Except… she’s not. Yet. Though Freya are usually great at cookie cutter bra styles, Babes in the Wood runs much bigger than Dionne. I was so startled by the excess of fabric that I actually double checked the label; and I even put my Dionne on to double check my boobs hadn’t suddenly deflated. But no, it is definitely a bigger cup – I’d need to size down to at least a 30FF to get a proper fit.

In every other respect, she’s brilliant. Firm back, soft fabric, and a beautiful and delicate tree print I love. Babes in the Wood has got everyday classic written all over it… just not in my everyday classic Freya size.

Babes in the Wood is widely available in sizes 28 D-J, 30-36 D-K, 38 D-J.

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2 Responses to Total Babe: new Freya reviewed

  1. Miss Shapen says:

    Hmmmm! I wonder if I could get away with a 28J???? How many sizes large do you think it runs? Thanks so much!

  2. Definitely at least one size big. Possibly one-and-a-half…

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