Oh Darcy! Cleo’s balconnet reviewed

Cleo by Panache: Darcy balconnet reviewed

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of a large bosom, must be in want of a good bra. And how could any self-respecting heroine not fall head over heels with Darcy?

Cleo by Panache is totally rocking my world for the second season in a row. Darcy is not the only cracking print on offer at the moment, but with its bold print and pin up colours it is the one that caught my eye the most.

Cleo by Panache lingerie: Darcy

I’m in love. Like, when-Mr-Darcy-comes-out-of-the-lake love. Darcy is beautiful bra and its moulded balconnet gives a fantastic cleavage whilst being everyday comfortable. She has a firm (but not tight) back and – trying my usual starter size 30G – fits perfectly in the cup from every direction. The cups give a full, rounded cleavage, and I love the slim straps (although these are marginally wider in the GG+ versions).

The print and contrasting colours are striking on, and pretty without the avalanche of twee we’ve seen from other brands in recent seasons. And while the lace and the bow do add a feminine touch, the unusual ridge-textured straps add a contrast that makes Darcy a very special day bra. Even bra-blind Mr B4J noticed…

My only niggles are that the side cups come up very high – not high enough to be uncomfortable on me but may challenge more petite/shorter girls. And the red lace detail does flare a little at the top meaning it’s not the perfect t-shirt bra either. But then, I live in Northern Europe and it’s December. Who’s wearing t-shirts anyway? I love her and she loves me. And they all lived happily ever after…


Darcy from Cleo by Panache is available in sizes 28D-H.

Thanks to the lovely people at My Curves and Me for sharing Darcy with me, and to introducing me to their rather exciting website stocked full of bra bargains (including Darcy, for a mere £15). Will be keeping an eye on you ladies…

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8 Responses to Oh Darcy! Cleo’s balconnet reviewed

  1. Ooooh I’m tempted to… cut that lace off in the name of tshirt bras! I’m not sure I could commit such a travesty though because the whole style looks so good! I had no idea it was little hearts!

  2. investiychest says:

    Thanks for sharing! Really REALLY need to get my hands on some more Cleo. Like, right now. x

  3. Ola says:

    I’m not so keen on Cleo’s designs but I LOVE the construction. The wires are perfect, the shape is WOW and bras are so comfortable. My dream bra would be Fauve design and Cleo construction together:)

  4. June says:

    Very cute! Good thing it’s outside of my size range. I’m always so curious about padded Cleo bras.

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