Pretty girls, nice fits.

Darcy Balconnette Bra by Cleo

Darcy: Cleo by Panache (review here)

Oh, Panache. Not only do you make some truly cracking undercrackers, but you’re some of the nicest people in lingerie too. And to prove the point, Panache have extended their ‘Love the Fit‘ programme in to hosting actual classes at their Sheffield HQ for customers to learn how to recognise a properly fitting bra. *SPOILER ALERT!* Properly fitted you drop a dress size, your nipples stay in the cups when you use stairs, and you don’t want to tear your bra from your body at the end of each day as if it were made of snakes. I chalk it up as a positive.

Can’t make a class but suspect your bra isn’t 100% on your team? This handy Bra Fit Challenge quiz helps you check some of the basics. Don’t put up with bras you hate. Love your boobs, and love your fit.

Panache Swimwear - Stella


Stella: Panache Swimwear

Masquerade by Panache - Rosetti


Rosetti: Masquerade by Panache

Panache Superbra - Jasmine


Andorra – Panache Superbra

Cleo by Panache - MegMeg – Cleo by Panache


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2 Responses to Pretty girls, nice fits.

  1. Fussy Busty says:

    Hey! That Andorra is actually the Jasmine!

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