Evollove’s Sweet Blush reviewed

Evollove Sweet Blush Bra

Evollove is a relatively young brand by the Australian Bendon Lingerie group (parents of Elle Macherson Intimates), designed to be a young, vibrant offering for D-G girls. I’d not heard anything about them until I was waist deep in a Figleaves shopping spree and spotted Sweet Blush in this gorgeous Festival Fuchsia colour. It looks like a hybrid between Panache’s Cleo brand and Freya’s Gem. I had to try it.

Evollove is of course ‘love’ backwards and forwards, but to be honest a better name might be Svehwwhevs. Not as catchy perhaps, but certainly more in tune with how I feel about this bra.

I don’t often give bad reviews (I don’t often have to) and I don’t like busting a young brand’s chops, but Sweet Blush is a huge fail for me. I had to check the label to make sure what I was trying to strap on was actually a 30G – because the cups are so small I think I’d need to size up two sizes to get close to fitting. At least. I can’t even gauge how the band might fit, because it couldn’t get close to fitting close to my body with my poor smooshed boobs in the way. My best guess is that I’d need to start somewhere around a H cup to be in with a hope of even getting it on, which of course sizes this G-cup right out of the brand. Nice work there, Svehwwhevs…

The bra itself looks pretty, the lightly padded fabric feels nice, the construction looks fine. But really – what’s the point? D-G cup bras aren’t exactly rare these days. There are scores of brands doing this size ranges, and doing them well. Even ignoring the sizing fail that makes this D-G range more like a B-F range, why bother bringing a bra to market that can’t compete with what’s out there? D-J might be interesting. Cups that vaguely resemble a generally accepted size might be interesting. But there doesn’t seem to be anything of real substance here. D+ girls deserve (and need!) better than this. Must try harder.

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17 Responses to Evollove’s Sweet Blush reviewed

  1. Sweets says:

    I’d been wondering about this brand. I kept seeing “D-G” in the advertising copy, but I never saw any DD or FF sizes available for purchase, so I was worried it meant D-G in US/European sizes, which appears from your review to be the case (a US G is about two sizes smaller than a UK G). It’s a disapointment, because I agree with you: in the current market, “D-G”! isn’t exactly groundbreaking. When I compare it with Tutti Rouge’s debut in UK DD-HH sizes, a paltry US D-G size range gets a “Try Again” from me. 🙂 Shame, since Evollove’s designs are so lovely!

    • Definitely agree that they messed up their labelling but I double checked while writing the review – it’s described, labelled and sold as a 30G UK. Shoddy (and a little grasping too, I feel) I still haven’t tried Tutti Rouge but it is on the radar!

    • Phoebe says:

      It is amazing I have tons that’s all I buy…. It is great if you have a smaller line and big boobs and the lable isn’t wrong

  2. Ola says:

    Because I am in Australia, I had a chance to try few Evollove bras in the shop and even in a kind of correct size, they were horrible. They look very nice on the photos or in the shop, on the hanger, but after trying them on…the construction is so bad in my size (I’m 32g UK). From all Bendon brands I’ve tried there wasn’t single success (Fayreform and DimitySo). Bendon use nice materials and have good designs but construction doesn’rt work for bigger bust. One more thing:
    Evollove doesnt do FF cups, it’s only F and G.

  3. Georgia says:

    This is such a shame. I’m from Australia myself and we’re very much behind here in the world of bras above an E cup (there are only a handful of stores that sell my size in Sydney, but they usually retail for $75+ which is well out of the realms of affordability for me). Naturally, I was really excited to see you review a bra from an Australian brand but very disappointed to see that it wasn’t a success.

    Also as a side note, I’ve noticed most Australian brands don’t do bras in sizes such as FF? So it usually goes D, DD, E, F G. I haven’t discovered any Australian brands that go above a G. The sizing here is a bit funny, UK sizing makes a lot more sense.

  4. Your review confirms my hunch the ‘G’ is actually a ‘FF’ since they don’t produce that size. I’m most curious if it’s worth it to try a 32G should the band come up snug. Since Evollove essentially replaced DimitySO as the ‘fashion/youthful’ Bendon brand it’s disappointing to discover the tiny size range is even tinier in fit. :-\

  5. Melanie says:

    This is a Australian brand, you write. As far as I know, the Australian cup system is different from the British cup system. Whereas British cups grow in 1 inch steps (=2.54 cm difference), the Australian cups only grow in 2 cm steps. So you would expect an Australian G cup to be significantly smaller than a British G cup.

    At least if the manufacturers would stick to their own rules. But if they did, +4 would work and you would probably wear a “normal” 34DD 😉

    • True Melanie – but this bra is labelled and sold as a UK 30G so I have to treat it as such. Fine if they want to sell these bras beyond AU borders – but they should label it correctly. To label this as a UK G is misleading and feels grasping.

  6. sophisticatedpair says:

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about this brand, but I’m a little hesitant because Elle Macpherson Intimates is already a pretty hit-or-miss brand. The design of the one you tried looks gorgeous, but fit is the most important factor. Also, as a side note, I HATE with a fiery passion when a bra or line is supposed to be for a certain range (like D-G) when it is really smaller (B-F). 😦

    • Frustrated says:

      I think it would be more accurate to say it was D-FF though as I tried on an F? Not totally sure as it was a little while ago! But asides from the large band the cup seemed true to size its simply that their G cup is an FF. They have 30-38 D, DD, E, F, G according to their website.
      I used to wear Elle Macpherson before I realised how badly fitting they are, my two pence would be they are okay, though everyone goes on about how small they run probably in excess. SOME of their styles are smaller but many seemed comparable to other bras. Your correct in that it varied, it was party the fabric of different bras, the ones that were stretchy came up quite large in the band. I don’t think their bands are really small enough that you would have to size down, then again I guess its hard to judge as I point blank do not fit 32s. Their 32s were generally just as ill-fitting as usual. The quality didn’t really live up to the price I felt.

  7. Frustrated says:

    They just skip FF (why?!) so the G was actually an FF! The brand is actually a replacement for an old brand DimitySo which went up to a J so this is a bit of a fail, maybe they will expand their size range. I tried on one of their bras but it was too big – no 28 or ‘6’ in australian sizes – and I felt what I tried on was a pretty big 30 as its is! It seemed like a nice bra (not this one you tried it had birds on it) but sized out yet again, I mean its a pretty small size range would a 28 be so hard? I’m totally your target audience evollove!

  8. Cassandra says:

    Another Australian here. The Bendon group pretty much own lingerie departments in this country. So if you’ve never shopped outside that environment you might be thrilled with Evollove (I always read it as Evolve Love). They are actually pretty consistent with their Bendon sizing which means Elle McP 30G doesn’t fit me when a Freya/Panache does.

    General rules for the Bendon range: add +2 inches (1 band size up from your fav UK band size). Then add a cup size.

    So I wear 30g Freya and I would try a 32gg Evollove. (Tried the 32g and it was a tad small in the cup). That sizes me out.

    What is really unforgivable is that they print tags that mark a 8G (AUS) / 30G (UK) like they are equivalent. They are not in this brand or any Bendon brand from my experience.

    Also confused about the DimitySO link – I this the style is miles apart (DimitySO was sophisticated and used lots of subdued colour combos, mesh, ribbon) and was distributed in sporadic burst through David Jones stored. Evollove seems to be everywhere in Myer. The sales staff push it pretty hard (and the style is much more Cleo IMO).

    Is it really a replacement?

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  10. Jay says:

    What a disappointment!

    Yesterday I discovered the Evollove Castaspell at Asos in 30G and felt in love with the young and playful design of flowers and stars. Besides as I’m living in Germany and it is really stressful to find a nice looking (not grannyish) bra with a 30 band. But after my research today and the bad fitting reviews, I will not order it.
    Sidenote: I didn’t even know this brand before yesterday. In Germany, you can only find one German online shop to order Evollove. And here the size starts from a 32 band width.

  11. merindalyons says:

    Thanks for sharing wonderful post. I like plus size bras at Isabellas Passion .

  12. Melissa Puccini says:

    I bought one on the weekend and it is fantastic so comfortable and perfect size 12F so I am surprised to see such a bad reviews. Give them a go you can try them on at Myer.

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