Ten treats for the winter blues (and blacks. And reds. And purples…)

It’s dark. It’s cold. My clothes are increasingly shapeless and made of wool, and my layers of thermals are starting to make my body look like a questionable sausage. Doesn’t a girl deserve a lace-wrapped early Christmas present (or ten) to fight those winter blues? *looks pointedly at Father Christmas, who she’s pretty sure reads this blog…*

What are your favourite winter warmers?

1:  Coco Mulberry Padded Half Cup Bra by Fauve, 30-38 B-G

Fauve Coco Mulberry Underwired Padded Half Cup Bra

2: Fifi Bra by Agent Provocateur, 30-36 B-E*

Agent Provocateur Fifi

* Some bras make you remember that your +4 size (34E, Santa) wasn’t always that bad.

3. Darcy Balconette Bra by Cleo, 28-38 D-H

Darcy Balconnette Bra by Cleo

4: Amelie Mink Balconette Bra by Miss Mandalay, 28-38 C-G

Miss Mandalay Mink Amelie5: Rosseti Bra by Masquerade, 28-38 D-H

Masquerade Rosetti Lingerie

6: Martha by Freya Lingerie, 30-38 B-G

Martha by Freya Lingerie7: Nicole by Fantasie, 32-38 D-H

Nicole bra by Fantasie8: Mademoiselle bra by Bravissimo, 28-38 DD-HH

Mademoiselle bra by Bravissimo9: Wild Bra by Curvy Kate, 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG

Wild by Curvy Kate10: Alondra by Rigby and Peller, 28D-38G

Alondra by Rigby and Peller


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2 Responses to Ten treats for the winter blues (and blacks. And reds. And purples…)

  1. Sara says:

    Well I can’t wear anything moulded or padded but I’m obsessed with Freya balconette bras right now, great lift and flattering even when the cup size is as big as my head!


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