Panache team up with CoppaFeel!

Coppa Feel Hello Boobs

Lingerie legends Panache have teamed up with boob superstars at team CoppaFeel! to help more women get to grips with their own, very precious chesticles.

Reworking their extremely popular new sports bra in to CoppaFeel!’s signature hot pink, Panache have promised all profits from the new colourway to go straight to the charity. Which means more ‘Boobettes’ in more places, helping more women understand the importance of checking their boobs on a regular basis. Nice.

When was the last time you copped a feel? Ready… set… GO! [See how to check your boobs for breast cancer…]

Panache Lingerie Sports Bra for CoppaFeel

Source: the Lingerie Buyer

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6 Responses to Panache team up with CoppaFeel!

  1. D: I just bought a Panache Sports Bra! In purple, and I don’t like purple. I want the pink one! 😦

  2. oedisa says:

    I been looking the Panache since I’ve known about it. I was thinking in getting the purple one but my team’s color is black and yellow. So the black one will look great under a armhole cut. Yet it will not be as stylish as the purple, the limited edition one ( I wish it was easily available), the grey or this cute pink one. Decisions, decisions… jaja I suggest getting two sports bra if you workout several times during the week.

  3. Englandia says:

    I definitely was intrigued by this sports bra and was not disappointed. Great investment. Awesome sports bra. and finally one that doesn’t look like crap:)

  4. Kate says:

    Any idea when this colour is coming out? I’m dying to try the bra but want to wait for the pink!

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