My New Favourite Bikini, Like, Ever! Freya Swim’s Lindy Hop


It’s true I have a swimwear obsession better suited to someone living on a Miami beach than in the broadly damp flats of Holland, but that’s a minor detail. Now that bikinis come in G-cups, and now finding one that fits doesn’t end in tears and frequent boob-escapings on the beach, I’m hooked.

I love Freya Swim. Each year they make dozens of gorgeous styles (I am often paralysed by the choice), and do a cracking line of cup-size sports swimwear for those of us who like our fitness wet. The only downside is that they don’t often venture beyond a G-cup: something that hundreds of women have written to me desperate to find. Maybe next season?

I digress. I was talking about my New Favourite Bikini. Or at least, my new Equal Favourite Bikini To My Old Favourite Bikini the Freya Bardot, which I will forever love for its incredible but soft support in the face of some rather unpleasant sunburn.

Freya Lindy Hop is one of many beautiful styles created by Freya this season. Of all of them, it’s probably one of the least remarkable styles on the hanger – monochrome gingham isn’t anything new – but there’s good reason not to pass it by for one of the more vibrant options.

On, Lindy Hop is transformed from ‘another bikini’ in to one of the most beautiful creations I’ve ever wrapped around G-Unit. The gingham is gorgeous, and the balconette top and matching bottoms are both supportive and extremely flattering. Fit wise, it’s textbook Freya so try your usual (non-Deco) size. To top it all, the cute bow details give it a 50s flair perfect for lolling about by the pool in with wayfarers and a gin sling. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is. Hello sunny weekend in Madrid!

Freya Lindy Hop is available in sizes 30-36 D-GG and 38D-G. And if you do fancy a flash of colour, it mix-and-matches perfectly with the Jitterbug too. Loving your work, Freya.


Thanks to the lovely (and with FREE international delivery. FREE! *uh oh*) Large Cup Lingerie for introducing me to my new best friend. Keep up the awesome work! x

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5 Responses to My New Favourite Bikini, Like, Ever! Freya Swim’s Lindy Hop

  1. Annie Belle says:

    Ooh, any idea how sizing runs? This fits in perfectly with my retro-swimsuit gingham obsession!

  2. Sam says:

    Most of our customers find that the best fit of a Freya bikini is the same size as that of the Freya bra that is usually worn. If you don’t usually wear Freya it’s always best to try a few different sizes to find the best fit. For comparison a small number of people find that Freya swimwear runs slightly larger than Panache swimwear. Happy shopping!

  3. I found that the 30GG band size in my Freya Venetian bikini started out fine but after a month or two, stretched out. I have a review here.

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