Can Curvy Kate change New Look’s appalling fitting calculator?

Curvy Kate LingerieVery soon, D+ queens Curvy Kate will continue their bid to take over the world and launch on New Look’s website. From a brand point of view it’s a super smart move – Curvy Kate’s young, fun style is perfect for New Look, and New Look will give Curvy Kate huge visibility on the e-high street.

There’s just one problem. I wouldn’t trust New Look with my G-cups if Kelly Brook herself were coercing me with gin and mucky jokes about Billy Zane. Their fitting guide is (standard high street style) negligent at best, offering shoppers little insight in to fit, no visual help at all, and a whole lot of misdirecting inches added to the back band. Take a look:

New Look Fitting Guide

All things considered, I’d be surprised and disappointed if Curvy Kate would trust New Look with their customers’ D+ cups either. So the move presents us with a unique opportunity: could Curvy Kate overhaul a major high street retailer’s fitting guide and sizing advice, not just for their own styles but for all New Look lingerie?

Such a move would be a huge step in our mission to rid the world of irresponsible fitting advice – and a real coup to get a mass audience thinking about their lingerie fit. Can you imagine the implications on women’s understanding if Curvy Kate got their hands on that customer base? If they could shift misconceptions about cup size and get New Look women thinking critically about their rising back bands and unsightly quadraboobs?

Curvy Kate, we’re watching with baited breath. Will you rise to the challenge?

[If you’re looking for help understanding all of these numbers and letters, please check out What Most People Don’t Understand About Bra Sizes]

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13 Responses to Can Curvy Kate change New Look’s appalling fitting calculator?

  1. helen says:

    Hmm, according to this I’m off the scale at a 38FF… yet I fit quite comfortably into my 34DD, not sure how New Look worked this out. Do you think they took any reference at all from real ladies wearing comfortable, supportive bras? It’s a shame because I absolutely love their knickers, but have never bought a bra from them. Maybe this is why!?

    • I’m not sure New Look put any thought in to it whatsoever, let alone reference fit! This sort of copy-and-paste size *choke, splutter* advice is endemic on the high street (and why so many women go through life hating their boobs). Ugh!

      • helen says:

        Lets hope curvy kate can have a positive influence here. It would be awesome to see a high street, fast-fashion retailer stocking DD+ bras, but it will only work if they educate their shoppers about fitting, instead of clueless copy-paste measuring. The real success will be not only stocking these sizes, but having them fly off the shelves and onto the wonderfully well-supported chests of happy ladies wearing the right sizes!

  2. Zoggi says:

    That size chart is really messed up! For me, it does give the “correct” cup size albeit on a band that’s 4 inches too big, (i.e. it gives me 34D instead of 30E) but then it goes way off for anyone at the small end of the scale or the larger end. They seem to have misunderstood how “sister sizes” work. If you read down each column, the cup sizes are all equivalent, eg 32DD, 34D, 36C, 38B, but they do not have the same bust measurement! A 34D is the same *volume* as a 32DD, but on a 32″ band it will have a smaller bust measurement. Maybe we should drop them an e-mail…

    • I can understand why New Look wouldn’t give a crap, but for Curvy Kate it’s a whole different matter. And they have the opportunity to change it. I’d direct that e-mail in their direction….

  3. June says:

    According to this I’d be a 32? Since they don’t have my bust measurement. Probably about a 32G.

  4. Apparently, 30 bands don’t go past a C cup, and 28 bands don’t even go past B. My measurements fit into the blank space where 30DD should be.

    Here’s to hoping Curvy Kate will have them expand their size chart, and do away with that horrible +4 method.

  5. spacelib says:

    I haven’t looked at a bra calculator in years. This one has me at 36DD, I wear a 30J or 32HH ….

  6. spacelib says:

    I haven’t used a bra calculator for many years so tried it for fun. It has me at 36DD, I actually wear a 30J or 32HH

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  8. Nicola says:

    Puts me at a 34F or 36E I will not even look at a 32 band most of the time as its just not supportive enough. xx

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