Kelly Brook for New Look

Kelly Brook for New Look

Kelly Brook’s new lingerie collaboration has taken the high street by storm, with New Look reporting a boost in sales and the Daily Mail reporting at least forty eight articles on the subject so they can keep printing her picture.

I confess, I was a cynic. When the initial press shots leaked, I groaned (well, tweeted…). There she was again: beautiful, lovely, naturally boxom Kelly Brook pouting and pushed up in a bra too small for her – no doubt from a range barely close to supporting her bup size. I so long for her to stand up and use her status and her many charms to be the champion of boobs everywhere. And possibly my gal pal. Though that’s probably a bit weird.

But actually, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong – some of the fits shown are horrible and there has clearly been retouching to sort out the wires digging in to the wrong places: not good. But the range itself – while probably not catering for Kelly’s full bust – actually goes up to an F cup. An F Cup! IN A MAINSTREAM HIGH STREET STORE! That’s pretty huge.

The bras are gorgeous, and at just £14.99 they’re also cheap – so there’s no question they will continue flying off the shelves, and that more will follow to fill their spaces, and that women will continue to wear uncomfortable bras because marketing campaigns tell them it looks right. And let’s face it, we all know how powerful a squished boob can be at turning a big cleavage in to bazongas. For hanging around in the bedroom seductively, a too-small-cup can be very effective – as Kelly expertly demonstrates. Hell, for the right bra and the right occasion, I’m not adverse to slipping in to something a little less restraining. Just as long as I don’t have to move too much…

Kelly Brook lingerie (and hilariously kitch feather mules) is in stores now and selling fast. But if you prefer your high street priced lingerie to be able to do more than recline suggestively on the sofa, check out Boux Avenue. Vintage, boudoir inspired lingerie that actually goes up to a H cup and not to pricey either.

Oh Kelly – will you ever embrace your true G+?

Kelly Brook for New LookKelly Brook for New LookKelly Brook for New Look


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5 Responses to Kelly Brook for New Look

  1. helen ross wheeler says:

    Im a bit annoyed with these high st stores as they are seldom the actaul size they say they are and the designed are nearly full cup cheap materials and wire that are nearly bare they don’t shape or hold the bust properly either .

  2. bybabysrules says:

    As soon as I saw this I started a frantic google search. I was hoping that the bras would actually fit Kelly in her actual size. Of course not! But at least it is a step in the right direction, one more bra available in an F cup. But goodness, I want some of those bras!

  3. Becky Magson says:

    Of course those bras don’t fit Kelly, look at that second shot, you can see the band riding up her back! I do like Kelly an’ all, but silly girl!

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  5. Forget Kelly, the important fact is that a big High St Store has recognised that there is demand for cups above an E. A small step maybe, but a massive leap on where we were 10 years ago.

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