Masquerade’s Medina reviewed!

Masquerade Medina Balconette Bra

MasqueradePanache’s deliciously luxe lingerie line – has some real treats for us this summer, and in the spirit of Spring (*rolls eyes at raindrop splattered windows*) I decided to try this floral, Moroccan-inspired Medina balconette.

First things first, it is a little more chintzy a print than I would usually go for, but actually on it’s striking, sexy, and not twee at all. I tried my more-often-than-not size 30G and the fit was spot on – with the band veering towards the firm size, just as I like it.

The cups are lightly padded and the uplift gives the perfect amount of Pride & Prejudice style heaving bosom without veering towards the for-bedroom-eyes-only. Also worth noting is that while the centre wires and gore come up extremely high (a style my bony, flared rib cage does not usually make friends with), it’s very comfortable too. Sexy and soft – what a beauty.

Masquerade’s Medina is available in sizes 28-38 D-G. I got mine from the ever trusty (and internationally delivering)

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