Curvy Kate Emily bra reviewed!

curvykate-emily-collectionCurvy Kate’s Emily bra is something of a staple for many D+ women I know, and with the brand on track to take over the world I had to see for myself what the fuss was all about.

The verdict? Emily is indeed a great day bra – performing that same ‘boob hiding’ trick Panache’s classic Tango does for those days that just need a minimised cleavage. As with many Curvy Kate styles, it does come up quite loose in the band – I had room on the tightest hook of my 30G so it would probably be worth sizing down the back and sizing up the cup. It is basic but it’s pretty, and the seasonal colourways mean there’s always something new to freshen the style up. Plus, the matching briefs are actually cute – which I’m not sure you’re always guaranteed with these ‘pretty but everyday’ styles. Bonus!

The cups are quite wide set, with a wider gap between cups than on the Panache Tango or the Freya Jolie. And although the Emily was heaps more comfortable for my closer-set boobs than the also wide Elle Macpherson Intimates was, it’s still definitely a better match for those women whose breasts naturally live further apart than mine do. For me, it’s not quite a perfect match. But for those whose it is, I can see why it’s becoming a classic.

Curvy Kate’s Emily is widely available, and comes in sizes 28D-40K.

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5 Responses to Curvy Kate Emily bra reviewed!

  1. You’re comparing it to the Tango Plunge here, I think? If it’s similar to the plunge then I could probably wear it, but if it’s similar to the Tango balconet it wouldn’t work for me at all, even though I see it is a balconet bra.

    Ohhh how I wish I could actually try on a Curvy Kate bra!

    • I can’t wear the Tango balconette either! It’s not really like the Tango (although it’s similarly basic and does the same boob hiding thing) because the cups are further apart and a different, more 50s kind of shape. Are you based in NZ?

      • Ohh I do wish I could try it on. I still can’t try on enough bras to work out what shapes work best for me. I can’t even remember why the Tango balconette doesn’t work for me.

        I sure am 🙂 In Christchurch, so the bra options are limited 😦

      • For me it just doesn’t match the shape of my chest and really bites in to my sternum. As for trying on CK it might be worth saying hello to Brood from Brood’s Bras – she’s in Oz but at Curvy Kate champion and she might be able to help you out with some advice…

  2. chicaholic says:

    What a beautiful bra! Such girl power!

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