Star in a Bra is back!

Curvy Kate Lingerie
K-Cup champions Curvy Kate are out in force and they’re coming for your bits – Star in a Bra is back.
The contest, which strives to celebrate positive body image and diversity, has run for the last four years and in that time has seen Curvy Kate rocket from a small bra collection on to a thriving brand.  Now with a global empire and an ever increasing share of the high street, we can only assume that this year’s contest will be the biggest yet.
I’ve always been something of a cynic about the whole ’empowerment via nudity’ thing – but I have to say from the girls that made the top ten last year Star in a Bra truly does make a difference to the women who enter. And you only have to look at the top three, which features blog powerhouse Georgina Horne and the multi-talented and multi-lovely winner Lizzie Haines, to know that it’s as much about brains and balls as it is about boobs. I can’t wait to meet the finalists this year.
The contest opens on 23rd February – tune in to their Facebook to find out how to enter.
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