Boux Avenue expand to H-cup

Boux Avenue H Cup Lingerie
When they launched earlier this year, new lingerie brand Boux Avenue responded to disappointment at their limited range of cup and back sizes with a promise that more sizes would come. Ho hum.

But as it turns out, they weren’t lying. While there are still no 28 backs (always disappointing from a brand using super-slim models in their product shots), Boux Avenue have now expanded their cup size range from a G to an H cup.

And – whilst not being an especially bountiful selection – it’s a solid start. This vibrant red Brodie brocade number is pretty yum, and this cute Monique polka dot number (also available in pink) is a great everyday basic. Both retail at £26.

I wonder if it’s a sign that times are changing that what is essentially the new (prettier, less itchy) La Senza has so quickly broadened its alphabetical horizons. It’s certainly encouraging. So, Boux Avenue: what have you got in your stockings for us next?

Boux Avenue H Cup Lingerie

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3 Responses to Boux Avenue expand to H-cup

  1. En Bouton says:

    I found it encouraging as well. Honestly, being a high-profile brand with a very strong image they could probably have stuck to a very limited size range and still made money, but they’re already doing better than La Senza in that respect. (They’re certainly doing better in the small-band/small-cup range… 60+ styles in 30A-D, whereas La Senza usually have about ten.)

    Agreed that it would be good to see 28 bands, and although their 30 fits me like a typical 28 I’m not fully convinced that the models really fit into the 32Cs they’re wearing – definitely not the 34Bs. A lot of them have gone straight to the tightest hooks.

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