Playtex remove bra calculator… what next for the War on Plus Four?

Playtex Bra Calculator = wrong

Late on Friday, Playtex announced that they had finally removed the controversial +5/6 bra calculator from their US website.

In a post on Bust 4 Justice’s Facebook, they said:

“Thanks for reaching out. You’re right, and we’re sorry the fit calculator was wrong. We took it down, and we’re making adjustments to ensure it is correct. We appreciate your passion on this subject, and your feedback is really important to us. If you have any additional comments, feel free to send us an email at We will respond as soon as possible.”

So that’s it, right? A job well done, off to the next?

Not quite.

Despite a few critics’ misinterpretations, the War on Plus Four isn’t merely a battle against +4 calculators. Nor is it a case of +0 vs +4. The War on Plus Four fights against bad fit advice where it finds it, tears it down, but then works to ensure that what replaces it is truly effective at helping people find their perfect fit (check out the War on Plus Four battlecry for more...). And here at Playtex, there is still work to do. Though the calculator has gone, still the fitting advice video advocates a +5/6 method; and in the bra makeover videos poor examples of fit are being held up as correct. So we will keep up the pressure to ensure they take this opportunity to rethink their fitting advice, because we want Playtex fans across the US to get the best possible support from their brand – and, in turn, get the best possible support from their bras.

Rewriting a new marketing position and creating good fit advice and support isn’t free and it doesn’t happen overnight. But – to Playtex and any other lingerie company – it’s an investment worth making. People who hate their fit also tend to hate their bras, but you only have to look at the rapid expansion of D+ specialists in the UK to know that women who find that perfect forget-it’s-there support will buy more lingerie – because they love it. Sometimes, doing the right thing pays off.

I’ve extended our support to Playtex on this going forward – and if anyone has any constructive suggestions or would be keen to volunteer for a focus group, you can reach Playtex on the e-mail address above.

I’d also like to say thank you and congratulations to all who inspired and helped fight this battle – you did amazingly. The work at Playtex isn’t over yet… but I wonder who will be next?

Love from B4J xx

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11 Responses to Playtex remove bra calculator… what next for the War on Plus Four?

  1. It’s worth taking time to do something right. To fly the flag for Canadian boobs, the US is not the only place with lazy bra advice. Canada is often lumped in with the US then even more forgotten about by US manufacturers. Playtex sells in huge box stores over here (Wal-mart etc) where there simply is NO fit advice. North American women need the manufacturers to take responsibility for good fit advice because many of them have zero access to a boutique. Canada is the second largest country in the world; It’s not like living in remote parts of England where you can hop on a train for a fancy bra shopping day in London. You’re talking hours on a plane to get to a city for lots of women. ‘Canuck Cans’ deserve choice too!

    • I love your Canadian mission! Claire – I’d really love you to do a guest post for B4J giving some fit guidance for people shy about getting fitted – would you be interested? xxxxxx

  2. eiremerald says:

    That’s awesome news! That’s one battle that’s on its way to being won, however we haven’t won the war. Playtex isn’t the only brand with calculators.

    Maidenform has a chart:

    Olga’s ( is almost worse because they only measure above the breasts which is really bad news if you carry your breasts high on your chest like I do. Why would you measure ABOVE your boobs for your BAND size?! I measure 35″ underbust and 44″ overbust. However, above my bust is still 40″ which doesn’t even register for their calculator.

    Victoria’s Secret also measures for band size ABOVE the bust.

    Vanity Fair also has a calculator that adds inches:

    Every single calculator and chart has me at a 40D, when I’m really a UK34/36H. I have sent these companies emails, some with pictures if I was given an address instead of a form. I think it’s time they heard from all of us. These methods of measuring for bras must stop!

    The good news is that Lane Bryant seems to be very close. My only criticism with their videos is that they measure the underbust too loosely, however the rest of their advice seems to be sound.

    • bybabysrules says:

      Let me just say that I am in shock at those sites!! And very angry!! Maidenform does not even show a suggested size for me. And with a 26″ ribcage they want you to add 6″ to give you a bandsize?!?! They can’t be serious! And the Olga website lists me as a 36A. That’s a whole 10″ more than my ribcage!! Just because I have high breasts. According to Vanity Fair, I can’t exist, my ribcage must be at least 30″. For what it is worth, I measure 26″ at the ribcage and between 37-38 for the fullest bust, I wear a 28H and would love a 26HH.
      This is insane! I know there is still more with Playtex, but it seems like we may need to get everyone together again and move on to the next company and get these asinine calculators down.

      • You’re right about keeping momentum – and I’m going to drop these companies a line (I’m going AWOL for a couple of weeks for vacation but I’m going to see what I can do to keep things ticking while I’m away). Thank you for all of your support so far! xx P.S Panache have been making some super encouraging noises about 26 bands so sit tight! xx

    • I’m going to write about these, I promise! I love your passion so much – you are my number one War on Plus Four-er! x

  3. eiremerald says:

    I was involved in this exchange on YouTube:

    And this is a private message I just got:
    In my 37 yrs, including 20 yrs as a touring musician and boob fan, I have been with well over 500 women- every size from B cups, C cups, many D, DD, and DDD cups, as well as a EE and a few GG/H cup ladies. And these are all proportionate “fit” women…not plumpers. I have a pretty good idea about cup size.

    True the cup size increase while the band size shrinks, but you may want to estimate the band size up a bit, as you won’t find many 32GG or H cup women in America. Think Anya/ Merilyn Sakova. The woman in this video certainly isn’t that size. Check out boobpedia for more info. Cheers!
    A. He doesn’t have boobs, and he’s basing his opinions on what these women (500? Yuck!) told him their size was.
    B. I need a shower.

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