Catching 40 zees with 32Gs: sleep support for big boobs

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Two days ago, I wrote ‘regular lie-ins’ in to my long term financial plan (true story). I am evangelistic about the importance of allowing yourself enough rest, and I have every sympathy for anyone who is missing out – not least those missing out because their bountiful bountiful bosoms are causing them discomfort.

So when on a lovely follower on Twitter asked if I could recommend something to stop her boobs from aching in the morning, I put the challenge out to the Boob Force. With the collective might of their brains, they quickly came up with a few solutions.

So what can you do if your breasts are keeping you up?

If your boobs are uncomfortable and squishing together in your sleep, something like a Kush can help you, especially if you sleep on your side: thousands of women swear by them. That said, you probably need a much greater sense of humour about what you look like at bedtime than I have, because sexy they are not…

Kush Sleeping Support

If you’re not open to trying a Kush in the bedroom, then take a look at Freya’s ever-expanding lounge collection.  There are lots of ‘secret-support’ brands out there, but Freya take their bra styles and prints and reinvent them with a sleepwear twist: putting cute Freya prints and style in to pyjamas and nighties. I’ve not tried them yet, but am hearing good things and looking forward to giving them a go. For some reason, they make me think of truth-or-dare and pillow fights…

Freya Lounge

But for total support? You could also stop your breasts squishing together or escaping under your arms with a soft cup bra. There are quite a few of them about, and you can pick up three styles and a good range of sizes just in Bravissimo alone. One of them- the Panache Sophie – is really pretty, and with matching knickers it feels as ‘designed’ as a stylish underwired bra. Also recommended were Freya Polyanna,, and the pretty Fantasie Gabrielle. They’ll hold you in place without digging in or making you wake up feeling bruised. I sleep naked (apologies for the visual there), but I’m actually thinking of getting a few just for bumming around the house in. That, and perhaps the occasional nap too…

Speaking of fashionable ladies’ nightwear, can someone invent the soft secret support onesie?

Bravissimo Soft Cup BrasThank you to everyone who helped! Until next time, Boob Force! x

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16 Responses to Catching 40 zees with 32Gs: sleep support for big boobs

  1. Sophie (luinecu) says:

    You absolute star! Thank you for doing a post and all of your help the other day besides 😀 I’m going to buy a Sophie (or 3, want all the colours!) as soon as I can get to the Bravissimo in my home town 🙂

  2. Yay! So glad I could help. I’m totally going to try the soft cup bras and the secret support sleepwear too – after writing this I’ve been really aware of just how sprawling G-Unit can be unsupervised at night. Boyf suggested ‘he’d look after them’ for me but suspect it’s not a long term solution! Let me know how you get on 😀 x

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  4. Angela says:

    When it comes to the Kush. I think a better cheaper more functional item to use is your cellphone. I keep mine between my boobs when i sleep and i never miss call.

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  6. Jen says:

    I really appreciate your blog, my girls feel like punching bags instead of the delicate flowers that they are, I don’t think I’ll be trying the Kush thing, I don’t really want something in between my boobs, I want them away from the dangers of my arms while I sleep on my side, and that seems to just separate them, I think they might just hide it from me anyway -.-
    I think I’ll try the bras, but I’m not exactly feeling lucky.
    Oh, and cell phones cause cancer, so I know that’s a big no-no for boobs, those things give people brain cancer just for taking on them, let alone nonstop sleep! :s

  7. amy says:

    where can i find these in the US? or online?

  8. Tammy says:

    I recently ordered my first non-wired bra by Naturana for £3.50 on ebay. It is not attractive, but I’m single so who cares!! I shall let you big boobed lovelies know if its any good, once it arrives!! For now I’m wearing vests that are 4 sizes smaller than my normal size, this prevents the nipple squash that I’m sure your all to familiar with! T in the UK.

  9. Sibylle says:

    Great posting! 🙂
    I would like to leave a comment to the softcup bras available at Bravissimo because looking for a really comfy bra for hanging around on the sofa or sleeping, I tried them all, And I must say my favorite by far has become the Royce Sadie – although I liked the design of the Panache Sophie better. The Royce Sadie is very soft, it gives a attractive rounded breast shape that looks nice under clothing, and the incredibly comfy shoulder straps’ position between neck and arms give me full freedom of movement or sleeping position which is exactly what I want a comfy bra to be like.
    I found the Panache Sophie Bra far more pretty by design, sadly this does not at all go for the breast shape it gives, and because of their lateral position its straps easily dig into my flesh when I am lying on the side. So no Panache Sophie for me *sob*.
    The Royce Charlotte did not work with my breasts – but I didn’t like the design very much anyway, so no problem there.
    I found the Royce Sadie to be quite small in the back and large in the cups, so instead of my usual 32F I am wearing it in a 34DD. The Panache Sophie was fine in my usual size.

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  12. Nicole says:

    Any ideas for something to help out with upper back posture? I am 34 G and am working on my posture but I hunch my upper back when I sleep 😦

    • Hmm I really don’t know – Pilates was the only thing that corrected my posture. I recommend speaking to a physio – there may be things you can do to help you while you’re sleeping. Sorry to not be more helpful.

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