Soft cup bras reviewed: Freya Lingerie’s Dotty

Freya Dotty Soft CupI’d never considered soft cup bras before, always assuming they were the preserve only of the pregnant and breast feeding. I was aware of them vaguely as large, unsightly mostrosities that – had the recent trauma of childbirth not successfully managed it – would kick your last feelings of being a sexually attractive being far in to the distance.

And then I wrote a post here helping a reader find a solutions to her uncomfortable boobs-at-bedtime situation. Not only did I discover some truly beautiful designs, I also became aware of my own body when I tried to sleep. Much like when you first get glasses and suddenly see how much you’ve adapted to imperfect vision, I realised that my own boobs had been a low-level annoyance for years. So when my BFFs at Freya Lingerie asked if I’d like to try one for myself, I leapt at the opportunity. I can’t let anything – not even my own body – get in the way of me and a decent night’s sleep.

The Freya Dotty – available in both nursing and simple soft-cup styles – was a beautiful surprise when it slipped through the letterbox in a whisper-thin envelope on Saturday. The rich blue colour matched with the vintage-style lace felt luxurious, and in spite of the slightly more cumbersome cup-size, it didn’t feel as if it had been compromised on style or design because it was a soft-cupped and more functional bra.

The bra does come up slightly big, but I’d suggest not sizing down on the back size: a boa-constrictor tight elastic band is not a recipe for a perfect night’s sleep. It also takes a while to get used to how high the cups come on your chest, so it probably helps to imagine it as more of a structured crop-top than a bra.

That said, it is surprisingly supportive. I ran it through all the tests I put underwire bras through (with the exception of taking it out on Cecil – I’m not a masochist), and it fared pretty well. It can’t compete on the higher impact activity, but for general mooching, housework, cooking, ambling, air punches, low-level jiggling and stairs, it offers more than enough support to be comfortable. And it passed the ‘sleep test’ with flying colours: apart from the fact that my boobs were in the place I’d left them when I fell asleep, after eight hours it felt so wearing-nothing-at-all comfortable that it was easy to forget I was in it.

So if you’re having trouble sleeping unsupported, or if you just like feeling liberated from your underwire at the end of the working day, I can’t recommend a soft-cup or Dotty enough. No longer only for the pregnant or the newly-mummed: the soft-cup is now a permanent fixture of my lingerie wardrobe. Will you try it?

Freya Lingerie’s Dotty soft cup is not as easy to come by as her nursing bra sister, but can be found up to an HH cup at retailers including Mish, Bras Galore, Bras and Honey, and Clara Olivia.

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13 Responses to Soft cup bras reviewed: Freya Lingerie’s Dotty

  1. Brittany says:

    Wow, so pretty! I was all ready to buy it after reading this, but it starts at a 30 back and that would be way too big for me, even for sleep. 😦

  2. I feel like I’ve had a part in this soft-cup revolution!! This particular one looks beautiful (I’m a sucker for polkadots!).

    I know what you mean about wanting to ditch the underwire after a long day; will be nice to have a soft cup as an option instead of going bra-free and shocking my housemates (plus I don’t know about you, but holding on to my bust as I go up stairs is never that attractive or comfortable!)

    x x o

    • You were my inspiration! You have opened my eyes to a whole new world…

      Totally have my sympathy on the stairs – I live on the second, third and fourth floor of a narrow apartment! Boobs all over the place 😀 xxx

  3. The Dotty is a really good bra, you guys are lucky to have the option because unfortunately Freya decided to not keep it stocked in the US.

  4. Hypnotic says:

    Since the previous poster mentioned the Dotty not being available in the US, I would like to second her. After a long day at work and then night classes, I would love to put on something supportive yet comfy once I’m home. For the record I live in NYC. If you have any updates let me know. Thanks!

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  6. Alia says:

    I was wondering – the main thing I’d want from a sleep bra would be boob separation, because my main problem is breast tissue which has excaped into a uniboob-ish form. But all the soft cups I’ve looked at don’t seem to keep the boobs apart. Is it even possible to have a dividing center gore, without the underwires? Thanks 🙂

    • Hmmm let’s think. The Dotty definitely does separate, but there isn’t a strict center gore divide. I’m not off the top of my head sure of one that does, although it’s always worth trying their soft cup sports bra – definitely divides and separates, although I don’t like the shape it gives. I’m asking around. When you say “breast tissue which has escaped in to a uniboob-ish form” though, what do you mean? Have you been to a fit specialist since this happened?

    • So apparently it is difficult, but not impossible if you get a firm enough band and cups that separate (which can end up in cone bra effect – but does explain how my Freya Active soft cup sports bra manages it.) Ones to try (recommended to me, not road tested by me as of yet!) include Jeunique:, and Flirtelle:

  7. georgia says:

    I bought this bra as i’m pregnant and thought it would be more comfy than an underwire. How wrong was i, it’s awful, gives no shape whatsoever or seperation. The band is very itchy. I went to be fitted correctly for this bra but it still rides up at back even on tightest hook. I also got the freya pollyanna which is just as bad. Highly un-recommended.

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