Help Me Busts 4 Justice: am I making my stretch marks worse?

Busts 4 Justice puts on her agony aunt hat (and bra) to help K with the tricky issue of stretch marks on young boobs.

Help me Busts 4 Justice!

I have white stretch marks on my breasts that distress me. I am young and kinda concerned, my boobs give me enough trouble I don’t need them to look bad too! I’ve been told I should try some oils and lotions, but I was wondering about sleeping and bras. Should I wear a bra while sleeping, or at very least a sports bra? I measure out to be a 28GG (UK sizing) so I’m worried that flopping about in my sleep is making the stretch marks worse. Please help my busts 4 justice! I know you can! 🙂


Hi K!

Thank you for writing. Stretch marks on your boobs are perfectly normal – especially when you’re young and they’re relatively new -, and they do fade over time. There are lots of lotions and potions on the market that claim to reduce them, but shy away from expensive ones promising miracles. For most skin discolourations, something with a load of Vitamin E in is your best bet. You can use BioOil of course, but I’ve always found Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (particularly the waxy variety that comes in a pot) the best on scars. It’s available from most drugstores, is super cheap, and makes you smell edible all day long.

As for the sleeping issue – I’m actually asked this a lot. There is no proven evidence to suggest that sleeping in a bra has any beneficial effects against sagging, or that it would make your stretch marks worse. But take comfort: I’m guessing I’ve got at least a decade on you age wise, but we’re almost the same bra size (I’m a 30G). My boobs are still as perky as ever and I’ve never used a sleeping bra at night. I put it down to a combination of perfectly fitting lingerie by day, and a little bit of luck with my genes.  If I look – really look – I can just about find traces of the white stretch marks I had as a teenager, but they’re really not noticeable even to me now.

To sum up, you have nothing to worry about! That said if you’re considering night-time support because you’re uncomfortable, then choose a non-wired soft-cup bra (Freya and Panache have really pretty styles) or pyjamas with secret support (Bravissimo make these, but you can get them everywhere). If you don’t like either of those options you could always try the Kush, but if you’re young enough to live with your parents you may want to warn them because it looks rather like something else!

I hope this is helpful – try not to worry about stretch marks. We all have them – and they’re never as noticeable to anyone else as they are to ourselves.

Love from Busts 4 Justice

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1 Response to Help Me Busts 4 Justice: am I making my stretch marks worse?

  1. Laura says:

    Hi K! I had bad stretch marks when I was younger, I’m 23 now and you can hardly see them 🙂 I’ve not really used any lotions on them but I do sleep in a non-wired bra for comfort, it’s a Freya one 🙂 xx

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