Clothes for curves: London

Pepperberry Dresses

Following my piece on Germany’s amazing Busenfreundinnen, a German reader struggling to find clothes for her curves – a problem we can all relate to – asked if I knew of any good shops in London she could stock up in when she visits in a couple of months.

It occurred to me that, though Whistles cut dresses generously for curves, and though Gap make t-shirts stretchy enough to fit a 13″ difference between bust and waist, aside from Bravissimo’s own range (now Pepperberry), I can’t actually think of any other stores specifically catering for busty women.

Even a shout out to the ever trusty Boob Force on Twitter couldn’t uncover a couple of gems, which is a poor show for one of the shopping capitals of the world. But on the upside, the launch of Pepperberry has expanded Bravissimo’s clothing range exponentially. The website is absolutely stuffed full of clothes, a much wider (and even lovelier) selection than they launched with. All three of the above are great little summer dresses, and at around £50 for a dress that will fit your boobs without relying on a belt (never the most comfortable thing on a searingly hot day) they’re pretty good value too. The website currently boasts 33 styles, a complete mixture of smart, casual, pretty and work friendly to suit everyone.

But Pepperberry does not stop at dresses. You can also find coats, suits, tops, cardigans, skirts, trousers AND accessories now – basics and fashion pieces alike. I’d say that some of it feels a bit ‘older’ than I would wear – but that just means they’re doing a great job of catering for a broad spectrum of tastes and demographics. And the pieces that I do like, I love: I’ve been looking for that boyfriend cardigan for ages, that skirt would be perfect for a French bicycle jaunt I’m planning (are the baguettes included?), and that architectural cuff is just stunning and ridiculously good value at £14. They’ve managed to create a stylish but generously tailored mac, and their selection of tops and shirts goes on for three pages. I’m heading back to the UK in under a month myself. I suspect a visit to Pepperberry will be high up on my list…

Pepperberry Clothing

The new Pepperberry store in London is in the heart of the shopping district, not far from Oxford Circus station. Check it out!

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6 Responses to Clothes for curves: London

  1. Agafka says:

    You should check up BiuBiu, it is a small polish clothing designer who makes clothes for curvy women 🙂 English version of the website is also avaiable here:

    You can buy these clothes or online, or in shops in Poland or Wienna in Austria. They dispatch clothes to most of the countries. Soon they should be avaiable in Germany as well 🙂

    • Thanks! I have heard lots about lately but not checked them out yet because I was concentrating on London… Just had a peek – that looks like good news for Germany! Like the basic dresses a lot 😀

  2. »Paula« says:

    AWESOME!! Thanks a million – I’m soooo gonna shop next week! =)

  3. Curveissa says:

    love spreading the word about Pepperberry and other stores that make clothing for bustier women, my personal favorite is by far Pepperberry. Did you get the items you were eyeing :)?

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