A challenge to Debenhams…

Debenhams Bra Fitting CampaignMuch has been written about Debenhams’ latest campaign, declaring war on ill-fitting bras by offering £5 off vouchers in exchange for a fitting.

On one hand, I’m happy that high-profile stores like Debenhams are investing in bra-fitting awareness. On the other though, I can’t help but grimace. The press release blames endemically bad fit on women being embarrassed about the fit experience, but I simply don’t think that’s the case. More likely the sad truth is this: for years the prominent and supposedly reliable businesses we’ve trusted to fit us correctly have simply been getting it wrong.

That “85% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra” statistic hasn’t changed in all the years I’ve been busting for justice, so I almost feel as if – if bra fitting accuracy is plateauing at this pitiful percent – the large high street fitters seeking to raise their profile with campaigns like this should take responsibility for some of it. How can we trust them to get it right now when they don’t appear to be admitting there was ever a problem?

That said, I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance. I’ve had some positive fitting experiences at Debenhams, and the more money, time and effort they can spend on raising bra fit awareness the better. But I would like to extend them a little challenge:

Will you show us your figures?

It’s one thing to generate a few headlines and extra sales with an eye-grabbing statistic. It’s quite another to follow through and commit to making difference to it. Busts 4 Justice would like to challenge Debenhams to record their refitting throughout this campaign, as Bravissimo do. Not only will it generate more accurate idea of what an ‘average’ size might be, but it will prove the sincerity of the mission and quantify just how many women are being helped. It’s a tiny gesture, but by opening themselves up in this way it would prove a commitment and a certain accountability to the cause that would really set Debenhams apart from the pretenders…

What do you reckon, Debenhams? You up for it?

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6 Responses to A challenge to Debenhams…

  1. mis cosicas says:

    I follow your blog since 3 or 4 months and I enjoy it very much, but I have a problem, I live in Spain and I can´t find the bras you talk about, even on-line, they don´t send items to Spain, so do you know if there´s a shop on line sending these great bras to Spain? Thank you (sorry about my english, long time since I learn it)

  2. Zoggi says:

    I’ve just watched the video that Debenhams are showing on their site, and at first I thought she was going to say “this bra is too large” but to my surprise, that is supposed to be a good fit! There is no mention of the fact that she has fastened it on the tightest hooks, and when she is demonstrating the firmness of the band (00:43) she pulls it away from the model’s back by good a few inches… but a mere 2 seconds later she says “all you should be able to do is run two fingers underneath, any more than that and it is too big for you” (00:45) and lo and behold, the *very same bra* is suddenly no longer large enough to be pulled away from her back! This is what infurates me about these bra fitting videos… they tell you the correct information, but they demonstrate on a bra that doesn’t actually fit the way they say it does! Added to that, they still publish the same measurement guide that adds 4 inches to your underbust measurement. It seems that being vague about fitting is the only way for them to get around the fact that their measuring instructions are 0% accurate.

    • Gah! Hadn’t spotted that but you are totally right. Shame – because based on recent mystery fits I thought they were getting better. Needless to say, Debenhams are being mysteriously quiet about the whole thing. Unsubstantial PR headline spinner after all…?

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