Is it pour moi? St Tropez padded bra reviewed

Padded Plunge Pour Moi by St TropezMy mission to find the perfect white bra (stop saying Freya Jolie! I will not forget their murder of my beloved colours so quickly) continues, with Pour Moi?’s St Tropez padded plunge – pictured above.

Oh dear lord. Do you remember me saying that my favourite Panache Tango plunge was a TARDIS bra? Bigger on the inside, it takes my G-cups and tucks them away in to something that looks altogether less stratospheric. Well, this bra is the polar opposite. It is huge – each cup is easily the size of my face, and the thickness of an extra extra thick sanitary towel. But unlike the quantum mechanical wizardry of the Tango plunge, this titanic bra is tiny on the inside. There’s so much of the damned thing that there’s no room left for my actual boobs.

I tried a 30G, my more-often-than-not size. Thankfully, the sanitary gear padding comes out – because with it I was spilling out like an H cup fitted by Victoria’s Secret. I get that even busty girls want padding sometimes, but if you’re going to cater for that customer then surely you should remember to leave room for their actual breasts too?

Once de-foamed my boobs had more room to breath, but that was about all they could do. Though the wire is incredibly wide (so wide it actually couldn’t tack around the curve of my frame…) there still wasn’t enough room in the cups for the centre gore to get close to my sternum. The band wasn’t firm either, not that I’d want the huge wires pulled tighter against my ribs either: it hurt where it couldn’t comfortably take the corner. Pour Moi? Non merci. C’etait terrible.

Considering the width and inflexibility of the cups I might think St Tropez had been designed for broad backed, broad breasted women – which knowing how hard that can be to fit I could perhaps applaud. But if that’s what you’re aiming for, you really have to ask… why the hell are you labelling them with petite back sizes?

I’m really disappointed with my first adventure with this brand because I’ve been desperate to try their swimwear for a long time. Perhaps there’ll be something else in their collection pour moi. In any case, this St Tropez certainly isn’t.

Pour Moi? St Tropez padded plunge is available in sizes 28DD-48J (with exceptions).

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9 Responses to Is it pour moi? St Tropez padded bra reviewed

  1. I tried the unpadded, balcony version of this, it was equally awful. The band was huge and the cups were tiny; the cups were also very shallow, I can’t say I noticed the width of the wires as I was so taken aback by the length of the band!

  2. spacelib says:

    I tried the unpadded, balcony version of this and found it equally awful. The band was far too long and the cups very, very shallow. I sent it straight back

  3. bybabysrules says:

    I’ve seen this bra work for a few ladies. Usually they have a wider breast base and a more oval shaped ribcage. The cup placement and band design works well for them. Some ladies with a wider breast implant like this bra too, especially when bras like the Deco do not extend far enough around the breast to bring them forward and give cleavage.
    Like you said, this bra is definitely designed for a particular breast and underbust shape. It’s one I hesitate to suggest unless it’s on sale or the individual has not had luck with other brands to get the boosted cleavage they are looking for.

  4. Mrs B says:

    In your search for a white bra, have you tried Panache Andorra? It is one of my absolute favorites (I even have it in black and purple too), gives really good support and still manages to look really delicate and pretty in a 32GG…

  5. Kirsty says:

    I know you said not to mention freya jolie because they discontinued all the pretty colours (I miss them too!) BUT, why not just get a bunch of white jolies and dye them whatever colours you want/miss? I read a review where a woman did this to a bunch of freya lauren white balcony bras, apparently it worked out fine for her.

  6. Abby says:

    By the sound of it it’s a bra which only works for a select few which is a shame because it looks quite nice. Thanks for the review.

  7. The pour moi Opulence is one of my favourite bras, it’s totally sheer so no issues with excessive padding but gives me a lovely shape, and its very comfortable… but then I do wear a 34F and have fairly wide set boobs, so perhaps their bras do work well for broader figures.

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