Some girls they like candy…: the joy of Hanky Panky

As if I needed any more lingerie habits to feed, on Saturday I was introduced by Amsterdam’s lovely Salon de Lingerie to luxury American knicker brand Hanky Panky.

At £25-30/€30-35, it’s not your every day M&S mix-and-match, but on this occasion it was the same price as the sold out matching Freya amethyst shorts I needed and the colour (and style, have to love Freya Jolie’s versatility) were bang on perfect.  Hanky Panky sell knickers of every shape, style and colour; making it’s a perfect, adaptable and desirable alternative to matching sets when matching sets aren’t possible.  Which is great news when you’re dithering over an amazing sale bra-gain because the knickers have already sold out..

And even better, as well as being bright and sexy and perfect with my new amethyst bra; the Hanky Panky knickers are far and away the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.  Something tells me and my quaking credit card that this is not my last pair…

Hanky Panky are available in the UK from ASOS and Figleaves, and boutiques across the world.

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