Pool Party Perfection

How could we let such a beautiful day go by and resist a cheeky swimwear shop? Lovely Lembrassa popped up on the blog to let us know that the Panache Loren, above left, is in stock in lots of sizes and is the exact same shape, cut and fit as the divine Monroe from last year.  The bold print is gorgeous – it’s like the spandex equivalent of a summer tea dress – and perfect for a beach barbecue, pool party or a freezing cold April toe dip in the English Channel.

Though perhaps if you are going to a pool party and have a streak of the Sam “Sex and the City” in you, how amazing would it be to be able to confidently pull off this new cutaway Freya Siren Silver Swimsuit?  And full points to Freya for bringing asymmetrical swimwear to the full chested.  It might be more Brazil than Brighton, but it looks like the lucky wearer would have a whole lot of fun. And some interesting tan lines too…


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