Come Brine With Me…

The last time I attempted to wear a generic sized high-street bikini, some poor guy almost crashed his bicycle.  So in the interest of health and safety, I vowed never to attempt it again and bought some properly fitting swimwear for my 30G lifebuoys.  It was a revelation. Sea swimming without escaping boobs, without having to change in and out of bras on the beach, without smacking myself in the face as I bounded to the shore… There’s no doubt about it: every beach-loving busty lady deserves cup-sized swimwear.

This year there are loads of delicious costumes to choose from, and because the sun is shining and it’s a Friday (and because I desperately want more people to come in the sea with me), I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you here for inspiration…

Freya are queens of swimwear, and they are spoiling us this summer with their colourful and cute ranges.  LOVE this Lunar retro polka dot print and, as it comes in a variety of cuts and shapes (including tankinis and swimsuits), you can pick and choose to find the perfect combination to suit you.  The Galaxy and Eclipse ranges are also worth checking out too.  Thank you Freya!

Since G-Unit arrived, I’ve had a mortal phobia of the onesy… Normal clothes logic dictates that, without a belt, it’s a recipe for more “when’s it due” enquiries than is necessarily good for your self-esteem.  However Panache may force me to reconsider with this one.  I’ve not had the pleasure of road-testing it, but as it’s fitted to your bra size rather than your body size it certainly promises to clings to your curves whilst supporting you in all the right places. Gorgeous.

Stumbled across this Fantasie Milan bra on the House of Fraser website.  By the looks of things they’re rapidly running out of stock but it’s so pretty I had to include it.  Love the colour and the cut, plus it comes as a tankini if you prefer a longer style. Cute bow detail on the briefs too. Grab it while you can.

See you on the beach!

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2 Responses to Come Brine With Me…

  1. I despise the photos you’ve chosen. I’m getting much the same feeling as when I look at the Bravissimo catalogue Thomas so enjoys. Seems like the pages are screaming “we say curves are good, but actually what we mean is boobs are good – the rest of you should be a perfect size six”.

    I don’t have a problem with looking at skinny girls, but I do have a problem with the hypocrisy behind choosing curvy models and then airbrushing them to be FHM’s ideal (and I know how easy it is to do this!). It’s offensive, unrealistic and downright irresponsible for businesses who build reputations on being open-minded about the feminine figure.

    There, that’s about all Germaine Greer-ness I can manage for one day.

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