M&S results boosted (by bangers, not bras)

Today our old rivals M&S posted a low but much better than expected 0.1% growth in spite of expected losses. Though like-for-like sales had dropped by about 4% this was lower than predicted, and counterbalanced by a similar increase in food sales. Percy Pigs save the day again.

In recognition of the 5% jump to my solitary share value (I still hold on to it, just in case…) I decided to see if their new season lingerie was as uplifting as their figures.  I approached the size finder with trepidation.  I need a 28 back in M&S, but at my last visit even their 30 backs had been sized out most of G cup ranges: I was not optimistic.

To my great surprise 28 backs now have seven options at M&S.  And they’re not the chastity bras of my M&S teenagedom either: there are a couple of cute vintage style balconettes, a few plunge options, and a non-padded white lacy number.  All from £14 to £18.  That’s a massive improvement.

It’s not a wide selection and I can’t say what I found had me rushing to the the checkout, but it was encouraging: the very fact that 28 backed bras are in the most mainstream of mainstream shops is a massive step in the right direction for small-backed-big-cup bras.  And with their announcement that they’re going to be branching out in to France and beyond, it could be a step in the right direction for our much neglected European bosoms too. If they could just get the fitting right…

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