Swimwear options to a J cup: big splash or damp squib?

Bravissimo Bikinis J cup

Every woman deserves decent, well fitting lingerie: and for me that includes swimwear and sportswear. It is impossible to underestimate the impact negative body image and a lifetime of inadequate bras has on girls and their willingness and ability to engage in an active lifestyle. Every woman deserves to feel unencumbered by her own body, and free and comfortable enough to take part in everything she wishes to.

With things seeming to improve by the month in the UK now, we’ve reached a point where any swimwear or lingerie brand worth mentioning caters for G-cups as a standard. This is miles away from where we were two years ago, and it makes me feel optimistic for a future where G+ and 30- become common as a 34B.

But for now, beyond G things are still a bit patchy (come on, keep up retailers…). So in a bid to help a Twitter friend, I went on a mission. What swimwear options does a girl have at J cup?

Bravissimo is, as ever, high street queen. Three styles and five options up to a K cup is an encouraging start – though the options do veer towards the basic. The simple black Panache Anna (above left) is a good staple (and also comes in tankini and swimsuit styles if you prefer more coverage), and the Sun Seeker bikinis by Bravissimo (above centre) give you a couple of colour options if you prefer something a bit more summery. I love thePanache Loren (above right), and have already drooled wistfully over it on these pages, and here it really stands out as an exciting print option in a sea of block colour.

Figleaves Swimwear J Cup

Figleaves also don’t disappoint, also stocking the Panache Anna (in black as well as a beautiful teal colour) and the Panache Loren, as well as the stylish Panache Mae. Most exciting though, are these a-mazing Fantasie swimsuits (Ibiza (centre) and Buenos Aires (right)) up to a J cup. At £70 they’re not the cheapest option, but they are beautiful and selling out faster than the speed of light. Get in quick if you want to snap one up.

Freya Swimwear HH cup Mirage and Eden

Disappointingly, favourites Freya are unusually behind here, and are yet to have hit the J cup in their swimwear ranges. That said, I spotted a few cracking HH cup balconettes on on their site so they’re heading in the right direction – the Mirage (left) has been one of my favourites all season, and this brand new Eden (left) is being released next month. Freya also tends to come up slightly big in the cup, so it may well be investigating even if it isn’t what you consider your ‘true’ size.

And there we have it. Granted, it’s not the overwhelming bumper selection those of us G and below have enjoyed this year. But it’s better than last year, and hopefully will keep improving on that trajectory. The days of J cup being considered an unusual size and being under-represented in lingerie ranges are numbered. Come on retailers: G is just the beginning!

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