More temptation: new swimwear from Freya

This morning, Leia Lingerie too decided they needed to torture tempt me with an e-mailer full of Freya’s new swimwear.  Following yesterday’s resolve not to buy any new treats for G-Unit, it’s now clear that to do this I’m either going to have to sit on my hands, give the credit cards to the cat, or poke my eyes out until the summer’s over.

The print and colour on the Mirage (above left) is stunning, and while we’re disappointed the plunge bikini pictured only goes up to an FF (boo!), there’s an equally lovely balcony version that goes all the way up to an HH for those with a bit more up top.

The Venetian is something a bit different.  It’s more mix-and-matchy than usual for a bikini set, but I think it really works.  Some bikinis – especially when wrangling a bountiful bosom – can look a bit lingerie-y and too sexy for a day on a beach with friends.  The Venetian totally sidesteps that, and with a Freya fit all the way up to a GG cup, it can sidestep it for a whole lot of us.

Not that this matters to me, obvs.  I am definitely, definitely not giving in to swimwear temptation… *starts to crumble*

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