Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s easy to forget, but the very appendages we celebrate in our lingerie e-bubble still exclude people from working, voting and education elsewhere in the world. Even in the UK, women are still under-represented at the top level of business, and are more likely to do most of the work for a smaller share of the pay.

Today is the 100th International Women’s Day; a celebration of women’s achievements the world over, and a chance to campaign for equality wherever it isn’t.

There are hundreds of organised events to join in with, but Busts 4 Justice would like to raise our cups to the women working tirelessly to help other women all year round. From CoppaFeel to the Bra Chain to the mountain of entrepreneurs making the lingerie industry work better for big boobs, our e-bubble is filled with inspiring, intelligent and excellent women.  I think they deserve a cheer.

Happy International Women’s Day ladies, you are brilliant. Have a good one xx

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