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Valentines Shmalentines: I’m just in it for the lingerie

Agent Provocateur: Ariel We all pretty much know that Valentine’s Day is hokey, if indeed hokey is a word one can use outside of the 1950’s. It’s totally invented by marketing, it puts a load of pressure on people whether … Continue reading

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A lesson learned…

Despite some accusations in the War on Plus Four, while I am a staunch believer that the +0 method is a better starting place for fit, I am not militant about the ‘right’ bra size. Every enthusiast worth her salt … Continue reading

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Always Remember: Agent Provocateur

I love Agent Provocateur. Where, for me, other brands don’t quite manage to ‘do’ boudoir without looking a little contrived and awkward, Agent Provocateur does sexy as sexy should be: smart, empowered, and with a playful sense of humour. That … Continue reading

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Bridget Jones pants? Pfff. AP take shapewear to a whole new level….

“Thora is a powerful look, imagined in the boardroom,” say Agent Provocateur, and while I’m not sure this dress is the answer to women’s dire underrepresentation on boards across the globe, there’s no denying that AP’s stylish take on shapewear … Continue reading

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My oh my Mimi Holliday AW11

Oh Mimi. This year’s Autumn range from Mimi Holliday¬†has another handful of delicately beautiful treats up to a GG cup, my favourite of which – the Bisous Bisous above, with its ¬†outrageous and varied options of co-ordinates available to go … Continue reading

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