My oh my Mimi Holliday AW11

Mimi Holliday Bisous Bisous Blush

Oh Mimi. This year’s Autumn range from Mimi Holliday has another handful of delicately beautiful treats up to a GG cup, my favourite of which – the Bisous Bisous above, with its  outrageous and varied options of co-ordinates available to go with it – wouldn’t look out of place (at three times the price) in an Agent Provocateur catalogue. For the lucky few they fit (have faith H+ cups, we’re getting there slowly) this is luxe underwear for very special occasions. And dull autumn days that need a little something extra…

Mimi Holliday Nonnettes and Tarte Tatin


The wonderfully named Mimi Holliday Nonnettes (left) and Tarte Tatin.

Mimi Holliday is widely available in store, and from the Damaris website.

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3 Responses to My oh my Mimi Holliday AW11

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not to sound like the bitch on her period…
    (Criticism/ Rant)
    For one, this girl looks anorexic. In the third picture, she puts her butt out (notice the spacing in between her legs). And you should have at least two models. By the way, she looks plastic and extremely sick. Those curves are imposible and it’s obvious she’s sucking it in.

    • En Bouton says:

      *crosses off several squares on her Internet Body Policing Bingo Card* Thanks, anon! Now all I need is something about “real women” and a reference to Photoshop…

  2. Anonymous says:

    XD Cameltoe…….

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