Jet set Odette: Parfait from Affinitas reviewed

Odette by Affinitas Parfait

My Odette has to go in to my lingerie hall of fame – not as another pretty, vintage-feel bra from Affinitas’ Parfait collection (which it is) – but as the most well travelled review item ever. This summer it has been to Sao Paulo, Boston, New York, London, back to Amsterdam, back to London and on to Sicily in the hope that I might have time on my travels to review it. I am nothing if not optimistic.

Although it ran a little small in the cup, I liked their Charlotte a lot [still available, review here] and I liked Odette too. It’s a simple floral number, and it gives a really nice 50’s style cleavage (think Betty Draper rather than Joan Harris). Fit wise, it could be snugger in the back – even post Sicilian Carb Binge it was loose. The cups are fractionally small though, so sizing down in the back would have sized me out of the range. Sad face. Greedily, I can’t wait for this lovely little establishing brand to branch out beyond its D-G range.

Unfortunately while the fit is nearly there, as is my eternal curse with balconette styles, the centre gore is a little taller than my flared and bony rib cage can hack for extended wear – especially on a band that can’t anchor steadfastly to my body. So after all of those intercontinental adventures this little treat will remain for now at home.

One quick note – as per Charlotte I absolutely love the pants. Affinitas are clearly knicker wizards. Flattering with soft lacy bits that don’t do their best to expose themselves through your clothing, these are cracking little undercrackers. Fit seems true to size, so unlike with Charlotte and her mind-meltingly matching bottoms you don’t need to size down. Enjoy!

Odette by Parfait from Affinitas is available in sizes 30-40 D-G.

Thanks very much to the kind people at Affinitas for the sample: I’m sorry it took about 10,000 air miles to get to print! xoxo

Photo from (less retouching on the poor models for future lookbooks please!)


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