Oops I… quite like Britney’s new lingerie line, actually

That Britney Spears has launched a lingerie line perhaps isn’t that surprising, though I’m sure that – pre click – the Internetz was looking forward to a good old LOL about a trashy lingerie line inspired by her Vegas residency.

Well haters, sorry: Britney Spears’ lingerie collection is actually pretty good… and it goes up to a (UK) GG cup. Woah!

So confession: I bloody love Britney. I turned eighteen dancing to a Britney megamix in a sweaty Bournemouth nightclub. I think she’s handled over a decade of public, messy breakups, mental health issues, and not-always-the-most-successful releases with remarkable dignity. And… aw hell, I don’t need to justify myself: it’s Britney, bitch! I think she’s awesome and hope this collection proves to be as good as it looks.

And how does it look? For the most part, it’s clean lines and simple designs. The Anenome Cage bra is definitely an homage to Marlies Dekkers (Britney’s a fan, she’s worn Dekkers on stage before).

I love the simplicity of the Angelika Lace Bra. Minky grey and pink = perfect.

And there are a couple of long line bralettes that I wouldn’t mind pretending I didn’t have G-cups for…

The collection is completed by cute knickers, a couple of basic and strapless options, and even a few chemises too. It’s surprising in its simplicity, and I love Ms Spears all the more for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to Toxic in the bath.

First image by the mighty perezhilton.com. Lingerie detail shots from barenecessities.com, where you can pre-order the collection here.

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2 Responses to Oops I… quite like Britney’s new lingerie line, actually

  1. Henna says:

    When you first meet me you’d never know that I’ve LOVED Britney since forever. ❤

    I was SO surprised when I saw that there are bigger cup sizes on the lingerie line. More surprises when I saw on the website that there's instructions "how to wear bra" and "how to know what is the right size". The videos are quite short but it's better than nothing! Better than expected!

    I think Anenome is totally awesome style, but I think the whole line is quite boring. I waited for a bit more. Hopefully the line will be continued and there will be something more exiting in the future. Overall I'm happy that the bras are something that can be worn for real and not just full of bling and weird and tacky sexy-stuff.

  2. faustineli says:

    I admit it, I’m a hater of the music because I had to listen to it at every high school dance and I despise candy-sweet manufactured pop.
    That said, this collection is really cool. Mad props for going up to GG!

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