What is up with Wonder Woman?

Photo via io9.com

Okay, so before I get back to lingerie reviews and feminism and the usual stuff, I have to first deal with a huge, unshakeable disappointment: the brand new Wonder Woman costume.

Ugh. Ignoring for a second that this is a near perfect imitation of fellow warrior princess Xena (as if WW needs to steal anyone’s style), does anyone believe that – under self-administered lasso of truth – Wonder Woman would thank her stylist?

Wonder Woman has flair! She has her own playful style! She has gold and red and high cut hotpants with stars on for the love of god. Sure, so much exposed flesh can’t be good in combat and she’d probably get cold in flight, but as every girl who has ever winced the night away in beautiful but evil heels will attest sometimes impractical is worth it if you love the outfit.

What this has done is strip Wonder Woman of her unique signature style and forced her to conform to the other warrior princesses’ fashions, but without the payoff of a more practical or comfortable outfit. Wonder Woman is an icon and a complete bad ass and apparently wandering around on the smouldering ruins of something pretty messy up there. You think she’d pass up something longer in the leg for BROWN?



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1 Response to What is up with Wonder Woman?

  1. Darlene says:

    You captured exactly what’s wrong with this costume. Also, it’s just very muddy and earthy. Wonder Woman is of the sky to me! By the way, don’t you love Wilde Hunte’s corset version of the old costume? https://www.facebook.com/wilde.hunt.corsetry/photos/a.174526383397.121684.167392158397/10152623631438398/?type=1

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