Voting blue: Parfait by Affinitas’s Casey reviewed

Parfait by Affinitas Intimates - Casey

Oh it’s nice to be back in London. I loved Amsterdam, but London by the river in the sunshine is home. And it’s nice to know I’m surrounded by hundreds of lingerie shops that stock my back size. I say it’s nice to know, but haven’t actually made it inside any of them. Between working and moving and catching up with people, I haven’t made it near a changing room.

This wouldn’t be a problem were I not mid-international move and, as before in 2011, seriously limited on my usual lingerie stash. With most of my bras in Amsterdam I’m heavily rotating a few classics – meaning I’m missing variety and (let’s face it) accelerating the death of some of my favourite bras through over wear.

To the rescue came Affinitas Intimates – who sent me Parfait’s Casey plunge in a 30G. I haven’t been feeling particularly generous to the Blues this week, but Casey’s near-lilacy hues are much more my cup of tea than right wing politics *winds neck in*.

Casey is a soft moulded plunge bra, similar to Freya’s Deco, with a lace sling for detail on the cups making it a little bit more special than a basic t-shirt bra. My usual 30G fit nicely, although the narrow centre gore couldn’t quite stay fixed to my rib cage on the loosest back hook. This is consistent with how I find Freya’s Deco sizing too though, so I think fans can wear their usual size.

Unlike the Deco it has nearly a centimetre of cushioned trim underneath the cups which I quite liked, and on F+ cups it also has three hooks at the back instead of Deco’s if you prefer that extra security. So far so good.

The cup is similar with two notable exceptions. One, the straps (skinny and satin – rare in a G cup) are fractionally further apart than the Deco making this an excellent alternative for broader shoulders. And two, the cup at the center gore is cuts away fractionally lower. Aesthetically this looked great – gives a lovely rounded cleavage – but it did mean my slightly bigger right boob half wriggled free when I cleaned the floor.

Ah well. Who wears deep deep push up bras to clean the floor anyway? A lovely little option, available now from, well, all over the place – also in black, beige, fuchsia rose and a black and rose print in sizes 30-40 D-G.

[Also from Affinitas: Charlotte and Odette reviewed.]



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