Perfect Piper: Freya’s longline loveliness reviewed

Freya Piper Longline

I wrote in my recent review of Miss Mandalay’s Suzie bra that the other half of my birthday package from the lovely chaps at Large Cup Lingerie may be my favourite bra of all time. Well, this is her: Freya’s gorgeous longline Piper.

I love Piper so much I want to name my children after her. Or perhaps more appropriately, I just want to tell everyone how awesome she is so I can get my love out in the open and stop having to snatch clandestine peeks down my cleavage at the greatness beneath. This bra makes me feel amazing. It looks amazing. It is amazing.

Let’s start at the bottom. These shorts (when it comes to me with pants, more is always more) are perfect: great size and amazing shape, plus absurdly flattering. The back is entirely black lace, which adds a sexy twist that prevents this pinky-peach floral number from becoming too twee. There’s also a beautifully contrasting black lace scalloping that across the stomach (so, so flattering – try it and see), plus – when you thought it couldn’t get any better – they stick a cute polka dot ribbon at the front. Freya, with these truly perfect undercrackers you are really spoiling us.

Not everyone has the patience or the shoulder flexibility to fasten six (yes, six!) back fastenings, but believe me when I say she is worth the effort (or the recruitment of an assistant). The longline shape is extremely flattering – so flattering I spent a good ten minutes in the mirror musing that if I were braver or in possession of a completely different personality, it would work brilliantly as the sort of dainty floral crop-top Topshop were encouraging you to pair with high waisted denim for ages (note: the cups are lined with a thin padding, so no chance of nipple flashing).

The support is great, and though the cleavage is certainly no show-stopping Deco, there is a definite uplift and a nice full shape. This is the first longline I’ve ever tried, and it is a little strange to fill the extra fabric around your ribs – though I wonder if that’s because my ribcage is ‘flared’ so it’s a more challenging shape for the bra to sit on. There were a few moments in the afternoon where I felt the longline had ‘flipped up’ thanks to my horrible at-work-slumped-over-desk-over-laptop posture, but that just forced me to sit up straight. I should wear longline all the time: I’d save a fortune in physio.

Piper is a beautiful and unusual treat I could recommend on it’s support alone. But most importantly, it makes me feel special whilst being perfectly supportive. Wearing her makes my day. And if that’s not a perfect bra, I don’t know what is.

Freya’s Piper is widely available in sizes 30-38 C-G. She’s selling out fast though, so grab her quick. And if longline isn’t your bag (or if you’re not lucky enough to fall in the sadly slim size range), she’s also available in the equally beautiful and equally supportive classic balcony style in sizes 28 D-J, 30-36 D-K, and 38 D-J. Enjoy.


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6 Responses to Perfect Piper: Freya’s longline loveliness reviewed

  1. Ohh dear, I’ve been lusting after this ever since it appeared on Freya’s Upcoming Collections page, and boldly resisting the urge to buy… now I want to try it even more!

  2. Sheli says:

    I had to laugh at your comment about clandestine peeks down your cleavage- I’ve not only been stealing a look at Piper every opportunity I get, I’ve also been flashing my (female) coworkers in the bathroom, by asking “do you want to see the most beautiful bra in the universe?” and then quickly lifting my shirt before they have a chance to object. They’re too busy admiring Piper to think I’m crazy.
    Could you please say which size you wear? I use bloggers’ reviews of bras I own to help calibrate what size I need in other bras you’ve reviewed.

  3. I’ve just bought (and am wearing *right now* Freya’s other longline bra, Carys. I’ve never bought Freya before, or a longline bra, and I’m in love.

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