Bravissimo’s Alana Reviewed

Alana Bravissimo Lime

So regular readers will know I recently raved about Bravissimo’s continued dedication to good fitting advice, and fellow bloggers may have seen my (very sincerely meant) quote on the Boob School press release. It wasn’t necessary, but Bravissimo’s team sent me some lingerie as a thank you: their classic style Alana.

Alana is sort of a legend, because she is the only L-cup bra available on the high street. But I’d never actually tried her until this new, lime green beauty arrived on my doormat. I am super in to neon at the moment, and this looked like just the refresher my lingerie closet needed.

Sadly, it was not meant to be. Alana is a classic style, similar to a Freya Gem or Freya Jolie in shape -however, she has an extremely high center gore compared to those other styles, which (as I’ve written about often) doesn’t suit my body at all. I’m relatively petite with flared ribs and a prominent sternum, and a high center gore really cuts in and becomes uncomfortably very quickly. (FYI, a bigger band size doesn’t help this: in fact, with less anchorage my band will tip backwards and exacerbate the problem). A pity, as I really do love the colour. It looks like sorbet, which screams sunshine even if the weather refuses to…

In terms of fitting, because Alana reportedly runs small in the cup, I was sent a 30GG. But while the back was firm (though not tight) and the underwire tracked perfectly, the top of the cups were slightly baggy on me – enough to show under my top but not enough to really justify sizing down. Or saving exclusively for those two wonderful days a month where G-Unit becomes GRRRRAAAAA-Unit. Either way, it’s awkward.

I wondered if this is actually something to do with the height of the center gore – perhaps Alana is better suited to taller/longer bodied women than I am – because the top of the bra starts that much further up the chest? Or perhaps it’s just better suited to women who are fuller in the top? Either way, I put Alana back in to her box – pretty as she is, she’s never going to be the girl for me.

The upside of this disappointment is this though: I know this bra is wrong because of the lessons Bravissimo have taught me over the years. And I know – despite the unsuccessful review – that they’d be proud that I have the knowledge and confidence to know when something’s just not right for me. That’s what fit education is about after all: giving women the tools they need to know their perfect fit every single time.

Alana in lime is available from Bravissimo, in sizes 28 FF-HH, 30 E-KK, 32-40 DD-L.

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7 Responses to Bravissimo’s Alana Reviewed

  1. Kate says:

    I think you’ve got a typo, “In terms of fitting, because Alana reportedly runs big in the cup, I was sent a 30GG”, I think you mean small in the cup?

  2. Lynn says:

    Alana makes me sad. It is available in so many colours and sizes, which is great. Since I live abroad I thought that all I needed to do was to find my Alana size and that then I’d have a wide variety of colours to choose from without the sending bras back and forth nightmare. Sounds good, right? Em,No. I *hate* Alana. It is supposed to be a balconette, but it comes up so high on me that it is more like a full cup. It looks and feels like a granny bra. It is just so unsexy and unattractive on me, and it sucks that it is their main go-to bra. I’ve really tried to buy pretty bras online at Bravissimo, but I’ve had to send so many back (costing me a lot of postage) that I now have to settle for what I know works. Having been made redundant, I’m not in a financial position to deal with the returns kerfuffle.

    I can’t wait for my annual trip to Bravissimo. I hate my two Alanas!

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  5. Prudence says:

    I so love alana, but I now live abroad, and its hard for me to get it… Where can I get alana in Africa? It is near impossible to get my bra size 36JJ where I am.

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